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make sushi food

How to Make Sushi Food

    How to make a Sushi Food Using Sushi Knife    To make sushi food, it takes dedications as well as skills to make that good sushi. If you want to prepare some tasty sushi rolls while at home, all you need is raw fish, sushi knife, probably rice and other ingredients if necessary.  However, a good sushi knife is an essential tool in this process, it will enable you to easily slice/cut your raw fish to make your sushi and for cutting sushi…


Basic Fishing Instruments and Tips

 Fishing is still considered as one of the most adventures and enjoyable outdoor activity. There is nothing better than the on shore wind that you feel on your face everyone enjoys fishing with friends and family. Hence, among other recreational activity, fishing is the best outdoor activity to engage in on this coming summer.  However before you plan a fishing trip with your family or friends, it’s necessary for you to have a good knowledge of the Fishing Instruments or the Fishing Tackles. Any instrument…

how to sharpen a knife

How To Sharpen A Knife Using Sharpen Tools

If you are sharpening a knife with an electric knife sharpener, it is best to follow the instructions that come with the sharpener. If you don’t have the instructions, call the manufacturer to see if you can get a new copy of the owner’s manual. If that is impossible, you might want to switch to a company that has better customer service. However, if you find that you need to sharpen your knife and you don’t have an electric knife sharpener, you can always use…

reflex sight

A history of Reflex Sight Survival Tools

Feyachi is one of the top sellers when it comes to outdoor sporting products, namely, accessories for guns. They have been operating for some years now, and they have managed to provide high quality and reliable service. We will be introducing you to the company’s policies and how their products have managed to help them build a good relationship between their customers and them. Furthermore, we will be taking a short look at some of their best products as an example of what sets them…

hunting gear tips

Gear Tips On Survival or Hiking Trail

Best Gear Tips on Hiking the Appalachian Trail   The 2,190 miles hike journey in Appalachian is one in a million many brave souls dare year in year out. It is a breathtaking walk experience that stretches through 14 states – from Georgia to Maine. The hike goes through the “Green Tunnel” of the Appalachian Mountains – which bears soul-renewing tranquility. However, taking up this challenge has never a walk in the park, and like Greenbelly Meals, the founder commented, it is a life-challenging endeavor….