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Benchmade Starting


benchmade knifePassing the 30 years Benchmade has one of the renewed knife Brands all over the world.Many different circumstances and passing a good time Benchmade reached a Quality, Quantity, Trust, innovation and ensure the best quality of services.
When the starting time at 1988 owner of the Benchmade Les de Asis set a goal make the Best knife around the world and Benchmade knife Company did it Finally today.



At the beginning period of Benchmade history Les de Asis finding the high materials good quality and finally found a cheap butterfly knife that name was Bali-song.Using His high-school experience and shop skills knowledge Les de Asis invented his first dream knife and much helped Victor Anselmo.Les de Asis made his first pre-period time of Benchmade knife in a small machine in California that his own Garage in his own garage.And he is most happy about his first creation Bali-song.Took local gun store and Offer the owner shop Proud of his creation, he took this local gun store and Offer the store owner that “Could you build 100 more?

Les de Asis shifted in California and took a small shop as incorporated Bali-song, Inc.And starting hand made Bali-song to using the original equipment to the owner of the retire manufacturing operation.The Bali-song are well known and more explored to model 68 is most popular knives along working together Les De Asis and Jody Sampson.


Passing the nest 7 years Bali-Song is more explore to the attractive design and quality.Then using the fixed blades and change the name Pacific Cutlery Crop to Balo-Song.But Pacific was failed to manage quality control, prize, delivery services, and Customer Satisfaction.
After in years 1988 Les De Asis restarted his new company that named “Benchmade” .Benchmade produces to best quality, committed to availability and customer relationships to the US market.Update his Model 68 given a new classical, attractive look.Benchmade Knife are most workable smart knife than anothers.

Company Name Scrects


benchmade knifeLes De Asis was confused because of that “factory-made” and “Handmade” means the less quality of product.Then he made an operation(Bench) to build precision parts and finished product with hand assembly.At the time “Benchmade” have a best knives brand even this day.




After Benchmade, Inc shifted in California getting facilities and started to producing knives to the whole USA.The major turning part and the most important part of Benchmade , Inc located epicenter for knife manufacturing advancement was there.Benchmade having a high power laser cutter and steels too hard automatic knife manufacturing company.To supplying military units knives are mostly maintain high quality for their accommodation.
In the year of 1996-1997 growing the customer demand, Benchmade shifted Clackamas to Oregon city that approximately 144,000 square Ft now.At present Benchmade are mostly innovative for his Company, Customer needs to bring the highest quality of customer support.

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