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 Hey, If you reach here at last Google search was anywhere to buying the best whittling knife, you are in the right place. A perfect buying checklist of whittling knife like that blade steel quality, handle materials and others things.


In this time whittling is most renowned art is modern fashion. Whittling is a time-honored pastime but now it one of the parts of modern art. I think you notice that nowadays many kinds of whittling materials are well displayed in their sitting room. Day by day has become more popular and famous modern art.


whittling prijectsIf you are really interested in creating whittling projects to should follow some basic rules. Project selecting, Wood selecting, perfect knife blade choosing and know basic whittling cuts or others.


In the market thousand of whittling knife are available it is most difficult to choose the perfect whittling knife for you. High-quality steel and take a real edge with re-sharpen ability. The whittling knife will be both durable and flexible to cut easily with much comfort.


In this article, you have to know that which is the best and perfect whittling knife, Which projects are good for you as a newbie?Basic whittling cuts, Preferable wood choosing, Whittling safety maintenance and Projects starting to ending details guideline.



TOP 10 Best Whittling Knife Compraison Table

Whittling Knife Blade Shape and Size



Whittling blade are of different types of shape. Short and long blade both are common but specially short blade is mostly perfect in whittling.Carving special blade shape is U shape blade and the other kinds of whittling blade is Detail style, Straight Gouge style, Hook style, Gouge Scorp style, Chisel style, V-Scrop style are most using whittling blade shape

Different types of blade shape are special for which work is perfectly doing well. Carving special, Sliding special, Spoon Special and Round special are the special blades are work in fixed projects. To doing different kinds of whittling cuts needs in special blade shape.As a whittling lover guy, you should collect to all the necessary blade shape.

Whitting Knife Size:


All the blade must be Rozar sharp and pre sharpened.Small size blade are the most using whittling tools. Blade thickness is pretty low and moves one side to others easily working with controlled.Most whitters prefer to buying a small sized whittling knife because of that it’s perfectly fit in hand and has a strong grip. A good whittling knife required to light weight,flexible size and perfect handle size in grip.Most easier to doing work than big type blade and works fast and controlled.


Whittling Knife Cost:


Whittling Knife or whittling blade cost is not so high. All the whittling knife are approximate $10 to $50.If you need to an excellent high-quality knife, ready to spend a considerable amount of money.

Cost depends on blade quality, Blade materials, handle materials, ergonomic and brand values. Some kinds of whittling knife are costly try to avoid this as a newbie.Many experts recommended that if you are a newbie whitters to collect quality full lower prices knife.


Choose the Best wood for Whittling.


To choose the perfect wood is the another basic knowledge of newbie writers.Two categories of wood are used in whittling projects.Softwood and Hardwood.If you are a newbie of whittling softwood are the best choose. Because of that softwood are easy to carving, digging,sliding e.c.t.

Creating project shape took the lowest of time.After completing the basic learned then you can try to the hardwood.Always remembered to Avoid growth rings & knots, grain going in multiple directions.Some of whittling wood are Basswood, Balsa, Pine, Butternut, and others.




Most Common whittling wood is Basswood.In the Middle Ages Basswood is the first choose in German sculptors.Basswood whittling wood is the best choose because of that it’s soft and found in various sizes at your local craft store in reasonable price.


Balsa is the another kinds of soft wood that the perfect to starting whittling projects.Lightweight, inexpensive and reasonable price whittling wood.Found in the local craft/hobby shop in balsa pieces.Mostly used to create in model airplanes and others.


Pine is another kinds of soft wood that soft and cutting easily.Some would say Pine is not perfect to detail hole.White and Yellow are the good choose.


Butternut is the whittling wood that almost difficult as a newbie witters.To avoid chipping in Butternut wood but easy to carving. You will likely need to go to a lumber yard to get Butternut wood.

Random twigs and branches:

To make a great whittling project Twings and branches is the another kinds of whittling elements.Wooden knife are the another types of whittling project that’s made from Branches.

In the last word is that, If you are getting serious in starting a whittling project to collect whittling wood and keep starting.In the primary level try to use in soft kinds of wood and avoid in any kinds of piece which have growth and knots.

To collect whittling wood go to local wood craft store or shop.Can not found don’t worries Click here to but in Amazon al the reasonable price in home delivery services.


#01 Morakniv Wood Carving 120 Knife with Laminated Steel Blade, 1.9-Inch


best whittling knife




—-First look:The first look is Morakniv wood Carving 120 is pretty well and nicely workable to see.Seeing the sharp blade with a Wood handle.Looking a perfect and smooth best  whittling pocket knife.


—–Product Feature: Product length: 230 mm(9-Inch),Product width:34 mm(1.3-Inch), Knife length:165 mm(6.49-Inch), Blade thickness:2.7 mm(0.10-Inch),Blade length:60 mm(2.36-Inch) and using Oiled birch wood handle.


– – -Blade: Morakniv 120 blade is smooth and sharp.Blade length is 60 mm(2.36-Inch) are totally made by  high carbon laminated steel.The design of Morakniv 120 keeps the blade sharp and safe fingers form knife.


—–Handle:The handle is made form wood that are almost fit to small and big hands.Using Oiled birch wood that are most comfortable and strong grip in every hands.Whittling any kinds of wood perfectly to done the right works.


1.High  carbon laminated steel are using.

2.Using wood handle are fit all ages hands.

3.Strong wood grip to working properly.

4.Move one site to another when

 5. Handle doesn’t cause blisters.

 6.Excellent workable knife in a reasonable prize.



1.Morakniv 120 is too small Morakniv 106

2.Dull faster rather than others.

3.Never doing work in big pics wood.




—-Field test:To using Morakniv 120 you can doing work in more quickly and perfectly in small pics of wood.


—–Final Verdict:The final word is Morakniv 120 is the most excellent whittling knife for the all classes of whittling lovers.Sharpe steel blade with wood hand are most comfortable,strong and affordable prize.Don’t  hesitate to buy this excellent knife.


pocket knife


#02 Opinel Carbon Blade No8 Folding Knife


pocket carving knife




—-.First look: Opineal No8 Folding knives  is a small enough pocket knives  and its size is versatile for several kinds of applications. Opineal is the most renewed knives brand in Century. The first look is Opineal No8 is not only effective and practical but also beautiful and perfect whittling knife.


—–.Product Feature:

  • Genuine Opinel knife with 3.25-inch blade.
  • Carbon steel blade, hardwood handle and stainless steel locking collar
  • Easy to use, foldable blade design, safe to use, locking collar prevents accidental opening or closing.
  • Stamped with the famous Opinel crowned hand logo.


– – –.Blade: High quality carbon steel blade.The blade  length is  3.25” with a marable Opineal company  logo in knife blade.


—–.Handle:Using Beech wood round shape handle that looks awesome.Lightweight round shape wood handle are strong grip in every hand naturally.Not only the comfortable wood handle but also show a high end product.





  1.  Easy to carryout such like a folding knives.
  2. Using any kinds of work purpose that you need.
  3. Folding blade that safe and Round wood handle.
  4. Affordable prize to serving best performance.
  5. Best design and quality is much good.





  1. May be Some difficulty are blade opening and closing.
  2. Becoming narrow handle that’s why putting much pussure 
  3. Blade are usable in general purpose work without hard using.




—–.Feild Test:Opineal No8 performing excellent to doing any kinds of needs.Nice sharp blade  strong wood hand are grip in hand perfectly.


—–.Final Verdict: Final thought is that, Opinel Carbon Blade No8 Folding Knife are one of the best whittling pocket knife.Almost excellent design,Carbon blade are most famous knife brands.Easy to use and comfortable handle and affordable prize that’s awesome.


pocket knife


#03 Flexcut Whittlin Jack

whittling knife




—-.First look: Flexcut Whittlin Jack is one of the best whittling knife. Flexcut Whittlin Jack is fixed blade with Pre-sharpened to a razor’s edge high carbon steel blade knife.


—–.Product Feature: Product Dimensions   5.9 x 8 x 0.9 inches, Shipping Weight          4.8 ounces,2 Blade with carbon steel, Whittlin’ Jack includes a Detail Knife (1- 1/2″ long) and a Roughing Knife (2″ long).


– – -.Blade: The Blade materials of Flexcut Whittlin Jack is high carbon steel,Knife blade are pre-sharpened.Two knife blade one is  1- 1/2″ long Detail Knife and Another is 2″ long Roughing Knife.Sharpen Blade easily to protect the knife dullness.


—–.Handle:Smart strong gripable Aluminum handle that’s have a great look and light weight carryable pocket knife.Comfortable handle design with wood and aluminum frame have a awesome combination .Almost fit in every hands.





  1. Light weight smart pocket whittling knife.
  2. Easy to sharpen.
  3. Two blade are Detail and Roughing knife.
  4. Strong smart gripable aluminium handle.
  5.  Affordable prize have a good choosing knife.





  1. Blades are open don’t lock.
  2. As a newbie to difficult when open to blade.
  3. Two Sharp blade are maintain carefully.





—–.Feild Test: As a whittling knife Flexcut Whittlin Jack is more easy to use in newbie to expert whitters. Light weight strong aluminium handle that almost fit in every hands.


—–.Final Verdict:If you are looking for a mid to intermediate level carving knife I mostly recommended that for the Flexcut Whittlin Jack.As a smart carryable pocket knife to carry out everywhere  safe and sound.


pocket knife




best whittling pocket knife




—-.First look: Flexcut CARVIN’ JACK RIGHT HAND are the six Blade folding workable excellent performing   whittling knife Flexcut Carvin Jack. It’s Blade are pre-sharped,well customize functionality, Unique knife model,convenience, and  most effective for the whittling lovers.


—-.Product Feature: The Carvin’ Jack are  Multi-purpose using knife that are the total Dimensions are 10.3 x 6.7 x 1.8 inches with High Carbon steel.The features of six tools Carvin Jack: 3/4″ #7 sweep knife blade, 3/8″ #6 scorp, 3/8″ #11 gouge, 3/8″ #1 straight chisel, 1-3/8″ detail carving knife and 1/4″ 70º V scorp.And the tolat weight is 10.2 ounces. This is a very strong, well-made, serious wood carving tool.


– – -.Blade:Looking good but the knife blade are not perfect for work that disgusting oh !!! But Carvin Jack are most conveniently High  quality Blade that are the product of High carbon Steel raw materials with portable size, and knife accessories.The six type blade are different form each others.Blade variations are Detail knife,Straght Gouge,Chisel,V-Scorp,Gouge Scorp and Hook knife.


—–.Handle:  Carvin Jack  whittling knife is designed by the highest  Ergonomics performing knife handle.The handle are small and folding  types that are taking good into the pocket are use everywhere as you can.Makes sure the best gripy wood  in every hand are  mostly sustainable and perfect.





  1. Unique design, conveniently portable size, and accessories.
  2. High Carbon Steel blade are Pre-sharpened and Razor sharp
  3. Light weight folding pocket knife.
  4.  Blades are smoothly open and closed.
  5. Using a multi tools and various purpose.
  6. Serving the highest value of Ergonomics
  7. Leather, belt mounted pouch
  8. Left and Right  handed both models available.




  1. Carvin Jack are not good for starter newbies.
  2. The Blade are smooth and sharp take using carefully.
  3. Open blade in first time are quite hard.




—–.Field Test: Flexcut CARVIN’ JACK RIGHT HAND are the most favorite wood knife. Creating a whittling knife list carving jack is the first choose whittling lovers.The excellent work performance and show the highest Ergonomics for other knife.


—–.Final Verdict:In the final code is that Flexcut CARVIN’ JACK RIGHT HAND are one of the most  prominent whittling knife in whittling ever.Mostly recommended that light weight folding pocket knife with multi tools and multi using knife are fit all hands.


pocket knife

#05 Morakniv Wood Carving 164 Hook Knife with Carbon Steel Blade






—-.First look: Morakniv Wood Carving 164 Hook Knife with Carbon Steel Blade is one of the best whittling knife to all classes of whittling lovers.The first look of Morakniv 164 is pretty nice and perfect workable knife.


—–.Product Feature:Blade length: 2.0 inches / 50 mm ,Blade thickness: 0.1 inches / 2.5 mm, Weight : 2.1 oz / 59 g and using Oiled birch wood handle with carbon steel blade are made by Sweden.


– – -.Blade:Blade is high carbon steel and looks like a U shape nice sharp blade. Single edged and blade is think that you can easily cutting ,digging and chatter than others knives. Morakniv 164 is specialized  for spoon and bowl carving.The blade is most harder that you can you using in a long time.


—–.Handle: Morakniv Brand tread marks is Wood handle.Wood handle are most fit and comfortable to others synthetic handles.The wood handle are perform a strong grip to every hands and never causes blisters In hand.





  1. U shape carbon steel sharp blade are performing fast.
  2. Single-edged blade that are easily cut,dig and spoon faster than others.
  3. Wood handle having a strong grip to hand.
  4.  Affordable prize and most performing whittling knives.






  1. Morakniv Wood Carving 164 are  Challenging  for newbie.
  2. Most sharp blade to work carefully to users.
  3. After using this knives Mineral oil can be applied prevent rusting when in storage.




—–.Field Test: Morakniv Wood Carving 164  is excellent performance for carving wood.Strong wood handle with sharpen U shape blade are nicely work and move one side to other side easily.


—–.Final Verdict:Final word is Morakniv Wood Carving 164 is best whittling pocket knife for his work performance and quality work with excellent services.


pocket knife

#06 Flexcut Pocket Jack for Carvin’





—-.First look:The first look of the Flexcut Pocket Jack for Carvin is one of the best pocket whittling knife for the beginners.Multi tools design of this knife are in different types of blade are works different.Light weight smart  folding pocket knife that carry out every where without any kinds of problems.



—–.Product Feature:Product are design in Multi tools types that have four kinds of Blade Detail Knife 1- 5/8″, Straight Gouge 1- 7/8″ Long, Scorp 1- 1/16″ Long and V-Scorp 1″ Long. Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 8 x 1 inches and Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces within U.S


– – -.Blade:The Blade materials id high carbon steel and all the blade are Pre-sharpened and Rozar sharp.The Blade shape is Detail,Straight Gouge,Scorp and V-Scorp types.Folding types well places all the blade that are easy to move and works properly.


—–.Handle:To served the highest ergonomic of knife are Handle design is good.Move easily one hand to other hands to doing well perform most.Left and Right both handed are comfortable.Strong and comfortable grip that almost fit and perfect in every hands.




  1. Multi tools facilities.
  2. Light weight folding pocket whittling knife.
  3. All the Blade are Pre-sharpened and Rozar sharped.
  4. Easier locking and unlocking of the 4 tools,.
  5. Strong gripy handle and fit in every hands.
  6. Handle are not causes for blasters.






  1. Blade are not sharp easily.
  2. Sharp blade works carefully.
  3. Sometimes blade are hard to unlock.




—–.Field Test: Flexcut Pocket Jack for Carvin are mostly effective for the newbies to expert whitters.To provide the highest value of ergonomic and best performance in carving or whittling woods.


—–.Final Verdict:I mostly recommended for the beginners  to choose this knife because of better-functioning and safer tools, and thus be able to use them more efficiently. Design in multi tools folding types having a compact frame. Sharp blade with a awesome folding whittling pocket knife.


pocket knife


#07 Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 163







—-.First look: Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 163 is one of the another best whittling knife.The Mora 163 is a spoon carving Double-edged blade knife. Specialty of this knife is high quality carbon steel blade with Oiled birch wood handle.The first look is that Mora 163 is a excellent performing carving knife.


—–.Product Feature:Blade length: 2.8 inches / 70 mm ,Blade thickness: 0.1 inches / 2.5 mm, Weight : 1.5 oz / 55 g Internal- Radius: 0.8-1 inch / 20-25 mm and using Oiled birch wood handle with high quality carbon steel blade.Precision Hook Knife and Blade is made by Sweden.


– – -.Blade: Double-Edged High Carbon U Shape  steel blade that are most perfect for carving and spooning.Blade are well sharped and smooth.


—–.Handle: Morakniv Brand tread mark Oiled birth wood handle. Blisters free with strong grip in hand most comfortable to other synthetic handle knife.Round type wood handle that are nicely polished and smooth.





  1. High carbon laminated steel are using.
  2. Blisters free useable wood handle.
  3. Carving and spooning fast than others.
  4. Strong grip wood handle that are fit for all hands.
  5. Move one side to other side easily.
  6. Affordable prize and get best quality of services.






  1. Specially for Spooning fast not others,
  2. Before using oil when stored.
  3. Blade are too sharped careful when working.
  4. Not working good in big wood.



—–.Field Test: Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 163 are excellent performing  in bowling and spooning fast.Nice smooth wood handle with high quality carbon steel blade are almost good for whittling.


——Final Verdict:If you are mid level or expert whitters Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 163 are the best choose for best whittling knife.


pocket knife


#08 Flexcut 3 Knife Starter Set

pocket knife





—-.First look:Flexcut 3 knife starter set  whittling knife for the beginners that’s the called Flexcut 3 starter set. If you are a starter in whittling I think this set is the most perfect for you. Nice hard wood handle with small sharp blade that’s awesome.


—–.Product Feature: Flexcut 3 Knife starter set Product Dimensions 8.8 x 7.2 x 1.2 inches ,  Weight     7.8 ounces. Three different types variation are Cutting,Detail and Roughing knife.Fatigue free long time work period without fatigue.


– – -.Blade:Blade are hard carbon steel and all the balde are edge-holding .Flexcut Cutting Blade,Detail Blade and Roughing Blade are different by others.


—–.Handle: Flexcut Company  Logo and trademark are  Stamped in the wood handle.The nicely polished  hard wood handle are looking great and strong grip in hand that are perfectly fit to all classes hands.





  1. As a newbie Flexcut 3 is best perfect.
  2. Steel Blade with Rozar sharped.
  3. Different types Blade are different Specialty .
  4. Long wood handle as a good Comfortable.
  5. Handle is honed and polished.
  6. Fatigue free long time workable Knife.




  1. As a small blade can not doing hard wood.
  2. Sharp blade works carefully.





—–.Field Test:The Excellent work performance in small whittling,Cutting.Three blade are use in different expertness.


—–.Final Verdict:In the Final word is that Flexcut 3 Knife set is a good starter for newbies.Cutting, Detail and Roughing blade are almost awesome.This knife is one of the best whittling knife in USA made Flexcut Company.


pocket knife


#09 Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor Edge Blade Folding Knife with Rose Pakka Handle, 2-Inch


pocket knife




—-.First look: The Fury Nobility Raindrop 2-Inch Razor Edge Blade Folding Knife have a curies excellent small looking knife.Since 1941 Joy Enterprises are starting their production in USA,Europe and Asia.The high level product quality serve all around.One of the best whittling knife Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor folding knife.



—–.Product Feature: RosePakka Hardwood Handle with Stainless Pins,440 Stainless Steel Blades and Bolster,Razor Blade Edge. Small versatile pocket knife are cut cleanly and well performing in whittling.Blade are most strong which materials is 440 Stainless.


– – -.Blade:The knife has Razor Blade Edge and the blade materials is 440 Stainless steel with highly qualified for whittling knife.


—–.Handle:Handle is made by RosePakka Hardwood are the production company Joy Enterprises the owner of Fury. Hardwood Stainless pins and smaller than blade with the strong grip in all types of hands.Easily move and long lasting wood handle.





  1.       Light weight small folding pocket knife.
  2.       Strong blade with beautiful wood handle.
  3.       Affordable   prize took a excellent knife.







  1. Not easy to sharpen.
  2. Quite impossible for working in heavy wood.
  3. Quite small for some user.
  4. Blade are Sharpless and dull Quickly.
  5. Locking quality are not well Standard.


—–.Field Test:The workable Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor folding knife are best performing in light weight wood.And doing uses others small tuff.


—–.Final Verdict:The final Verdict is that Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor a low prizes well whittling pocket knife for the biggeners and inter level whitters.That’s I tell about this knife.


pocket knife


#10 Flexcut Detail Knife



wood whitters


—-.First look:The first look of Flexcut Detail Knife is a quite small with wood handle small sharp blade. Rozor sharp high carbon steel blade with ash hardwood handle to get the highest value of ergonomic.The Flexcut Detail knife are made by USA.


—–.Product Feature:Perfect  Details cuts knife with ash hardwood handle in 1-1/2 inch straight edged blade .Knife Dimensions 3.5 x 8.3 x 1.2 inches and light weight 2.1 ounces Brown color knife.Blade are Razor sharp by the materials of high carbon steel blade.


– – -.Blade:The Blade materials is hard carbon steel with Razor sharp.Blade are small almost 1-1/2 inch straight edged are perfect for Details  cuts.


—–.Handle:Handle is bigger than blade that are strong grip to all kinds of hands.To get most value handle is perfect match to knife blade in hand.Hardwood ash wood hand as a string grip to fit everyone hands.





  1.  Light weight small Details  knife.
  2.  Easy to cutting fast.
  3.  Ergonomic as ash Hardwood handle.
  4.  High quality Hard carbon steel blade.
  5.  Made in the USA.





Quite small can not doing hard whittling.

• Sharp blade are using carefully.


—–.Field Test:Excellent work performance that are almost good and fast to cutting.


—–.Final Verdict: As you are starter of wood whittling this Flexcut Detail Knife are the best whittling knife for you. As a Affordable prize and excellent work with high ergonomic.


pocket knife



 Whittling Blade


Firstly you can choose a blade that how much good you can works. Khittling knife blade depends on what you were done.Because of that some are whittling hard and soft wood or others things.Most of all the blade are made from high carbon stainless steel that to serve the highest ergonomic.

Some of the knives are multi-tools types blade design that blade variation is are Detail Knife,Straight Gouge, Chisel,V-Scorp,Gouge Scorp and Hook knife.And Some of the blades are U shape types.All the blade are pre-sharpen and Rozar sharp.A good quality steel blade are not durable quickly and easy to sharpen when dull.




Whittling knife handle are most important because of that to make a one kinds of things is a takes time. Therefore a grippy bluster-free hand serve the long time work serving.

A Comfortable strong handle much easier your work what you done.Most of the whittlers likes the light weight rubber or wood handle that easily move one side to another side.

If your Knife blade and handle combination are good i think works are much comfortable and save much time. Choose the right whittling knife handle that are perfectly fit in your handle. And get the highest ergonomic when whittling.


Basic Whittling Cuts:


Whittling is the main things but there are many kinds of basic knowledge are mostly including to complete a perfect whittling job.Cutting is the another important matter How to Start? Cutting Plan? e.c.t

Straightaway Rough Cutting:


whittling cutsUsing Straightaway Rough Cutting are primary cutting outline in your project.To create a long sweeping cuts take wood in your left hand and knife is held in the other hand.Don’t cut as deep to reduce the wood desired shape and wood size.





Push Cutting:

pull cutsPush whittling Cut are the another common cutting idea.Starting a project and when need to remove large portions of wood that help toward shaping an object.

When starting Push you can imagine cutting just like an apple.Take the wood in left hand and knife in your right with the right position of the blade angle and most safety wears a thumb pad and take stroke short and controlled. When sharp less your blade must be re-sharpen quickly using sharpening stone or other knife sharpner.


Pull/Paring Cutting:

push cuttingSimilarly, the same process of push stroke are control and detail cuts. Take the wood in left hands and knife is another hands to catch strongly. Draw the knife towards with the grain thumb of your cutting hands at the last point of wood.Just Paring an apple as a slide type.

To proper placing of your fingers in order to the wood and blade in stroke short and controlled. Ensure safety to wear a thumb guard is a good practice.

Thumb Push Cutting:

WHITTLING CUTThis type of style demonstrates absolutely in blade control for the most important and delicate slices.Taking wood in left hand and other hands in knife handle in grabbing the object in the last point.Mostly used in when carving small pieces, faces, and other features.
Each requires a mixture of time, patience, and practice to learn each of these whittling cutting styles.


Whittling Resources and Whittling Safety:


Whittling Books:

Whittling is a one kind of meditative works.Takes enough time to create any kinds of projects.Many kinds of confusion is gather your mind Right? To take the best solution there are many Books you found in the market.All the books are the most effective for the newbie or experts whitters.

Step by Step perfectly described any projects in starting to ending the whole process.Generate the project idea and which is the perfect project selection guideline.

Complete Starter Guide to Whittling:


whittling bookComplete Starter Guide to Whittling book is the Best Seller book in Amazon. To starting a whittling know the basic guidelines like wood choosing, perfect whittling knife or tools choosing, Basic Cuts, Cutting formation, Blade and step by step guideline are described in this book. This book is published by the Editors of Woodcarving Illustrated told newbie friendly 24 projects.

To including many kinds of tricks and tips, Color illustration , step by step instruction at starting to last in 96 pages paperback. Simple way, right process perfect starting books as a newbie whitters.



Old Time Whittling


whittling booksOld time Whittling is a great whittling starting book that are described in easy way to create 10 iconic classics projects.Most effective for the newbie whitters because of that Book Author Keith Randich take the guide line in every project in step by step and detail instructions in 50 photographs and diagram.

Including basic whittling cutting, perfect whittling tools selection process,safety managements are written clearly and entertainingly for newbie friendly.





The Little Book of Whittling


whittli guidelinesMost of that says that this Whittling Book is the tittle bible at who are the beginners.Chris Lubkemann is the author are detail described in which projects are perfect for you, which whittling knife or blade, Which kinds of wood are mostly good, basic whittling cuts, blade sharping and proper guide to ensure the whittling safety.

104 pages whittling book are covered by Step by step colorful image or diagram.The perfect whittling idea and How to start and How to finished Perfectly.






Whittling safety:


Whittling is a one kind of tuff job and has some kinds of risks at all. Whittling is a some kinds of cool, relaxing and meditative works.Don’t hurry otherwise accident will happen.Make sure to cut slowly and controlled.
Insure that blade are sharp because of that sharp less and dull blade are the causes of an accident.Sharping blade is good for work and performs fast when working.

To ensure the finger safety to use some kinds of protective gear like Thumb Guard, Cut resistance Kevlar Gloves e.c.t.This kinds of protective gear is always helping and work safely and perfectly.


Wear Cut Resistance Gloves:


whittling golvesAs a newbie to ensure more safety to wear a Cut resistance gloves are the best practice.Some others recommend that to wearing a pair of Leather at the beginning period.Firstly little cumbersome but quickly adjustable.Remove fingers or flesh cut to wear an adjustable gloves.





Thumb guard for whittling:


whittling guardUsing Thumb Guard to protect your finger in sharp blade.To fell risks free working process to wear Thumb Pad.Not very costly but is most important and essential for every newbie or expert whitters.




A few more safety tips for beginner whittling:


1.Whittling is a relaxing and meditative work.Start slowly and never make big cuts and Work controlled.
2.To ensure the safety process.Always remember that Safety fast then works.To ensure the best safety to using the sharp blade and wearing cutting protective gear.

Final Verdict

In the Final word is that whittling is most popular in day by day. To increasing its demand many people are starting in a business projects. Proper guideline and perfect project selecting ,wood materials, whittling knife, safety maintenance have a great combination of a successful projects.


Hi,i am Enrique B. Pauley as Passionate travel and sports lover person.And likely most outdoor activities like Hunting,Fishing,Hikeing and more.


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