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Blunt knives or tools reduce your performance. They are quite a turn off if I may say. Worse off, they cause pain in the arms every time you use them. Buying the best sharpening stone is a significant and worthwhile investment. In fact, a sharpening stone is a must-have tool for the expert chef and the novice cook. Even artisans understand the importance of having a sharp knife.

best sharpening stoneThere is a solution to this, buying a sharpening stone for knives. If you are in the market for the best knife sharpening stone kit, you have come to the right place. This top-5 list not only gives you the best models on the market, but it also gives you a buying guide to help you make an educative decision.



Choosing the Sharpening Stone for Your Particular Needs.

The market is large, and there are new models introduced every year. And just like other items you buy, there are many factors to have in mind before making a buying decision.

What type of sharpening stone do you want?

Yes! There are different types of sharpening stones in the market. Make sure that you take home a model that matches your unique needs. Synthetic stones are perfect if you work with traditional stainless steel blades. They are also an excellent choice for straight blades.

Much as diamond plates are expensive, they are the best investment to consider. Once you settle for diamond plates, you won’t have to worry about finding a replacement for a long time. There are also ceramic stones, but their quality varies from one product to the other.

Choose the right grit that meets your need.

Sharpening stones with coarse grit are great if you want fast and efficient sharpening. Medium grit ranges from 800 to 1500. They are visibly smoother and do not leave visible scratch marks on your blade. Fine-grit sharpening stones are perfect for the final touches. The grit helps produce the sharpest blades. 

Do you want a Waterstone or an oilstone?

There are sharpening stones that require the use of water before sharpening knives. Other models need oil before you use them. Choosing between the two depends on your personal preference. But then again, oilstones do not give sharper edges as Waterstones. Waterstones are however more sensitive to the daily wear and tear. They are not as long-lasting as the oilstones. 

Don’t forget to pick the right size.

You can determine the size of your sharpening stone by the size of your blades. If you want a a massive sharpening stone for kitchen knives, then you need a sharpening stone that is at least 6 inches long. Large blades and other different tools need bigger models that are at least 8 to 12 inches long. Good advice would be to pick a model that is wider than the blade you use on it. 


Top 5 Best Sharpening Stone Reviews


#01 Premium Sharpening Waterstone by Sharp Pebble 

Sharp Pebble’s Whetstone model does not compromise on quality. It is made with premium quality materials that assure you of superior, long-lasting performance. The Waterstone is a double-sided model that sharpens any blade. Whether you want to sharpen your dull kitchen knife or your hunting knife, this is the ideal model to go for.

Besides, it is also the best stone for chisels and your ax. The best feature of this sharpening stone is its double-sided nature. One side of the model features 1000 grit while the other features 6000 grit. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to buy two separate sharpening stones. Moreover, this model not only has one base but two.
water stone

The rubber base holds the stone inside a non-slip bamboo base to keep it in place while sharpening. It is truly built with safety in mind provided you maintain the correct angle. Because it uses water for sharpening, you don’t have to worry about expensive sharpening oils or any messes while sharpening. The knife sharpener stone kit is extremely user-friendly.

Besides, it is easy to assemble and clean. The sharpening stone is also suitable for razors, scissors, and pocket knives. The package includes a simple instruction manual and a knife sharpening angle guide. After your purchase, you will find instructions to get a free eBook with informative tips and tricks for every skill level.

With over a thousand customer reviews, you can rest assured that you’ve put your money in the right place. Overall, this is the best whetstone sharpener to buy at a budget-friendly price. 


#02 Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpener Waterstone 

Whether you are an expert chef or a camping person, the Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpener is a must-have tool. If all your knives are incredibly dull, then this is the best Whetstone brand to consider. Aside from sharpening dull knives, the Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone also does a great job in reshaping damaged blades.

This superior bundle features a sharp dual-grit pebble Waterstone, a flattening stone, and a knife sharpening guide. Everything you need to cut faster and reduce fatigue comes bundled in an affordable pocket-friendly set. The dual-sided whetstone is made from durable silicon carbide material with a grit of 400/1000.

This is the perfect grit combination to sharpen dull knives and to repair chipped or damaged edges. Use the grit 400 to return edges to their original shape and grit 1000 to sharpen and smooth edges. The flattening stone levels the uneven surface caused due to repeated use. And because it is a Waterstone, you don’t have to worry about expensive honing oil.
white stone

The versatile nature of this model makes it earn a place among the top listed sharpening stones for this year. You can use it for kitchen knives, pocket knife, chisel, scissors, axes, gardening tools and even to sharpen a sword. For safety purposes, the sharpening stone comes built with a non-slip rubber base to keep it securely in place as you work on the blades.

Moreover, the product is tested for durability and functionality, so it does not compromise on quality. Another great thing about this sharpening stone is that even with all these great and unique features, the model has a reasonable price tag that does not dent the wallet.

From the dual-grit design to the rubber base and extra tools, this model will surely get the job done in minutes. Its durable nature assures you long-term use and the versatile nature makes it perfect for any tool you have. This sharpening stone is worth every penny you spend.

#03 Smith’s TRI-6 Tri-Hone Arkansas Sharpening Stones 

Smith’s model is a three-stone sharpening system featuring a course synthetic 400 grit, a medium synthetic 600 grit and a natural fine Arkansas stone that is approximately 1200 grit.

The tri-hone sharpening system is mounted on a molded plastic triangle. The handles on the end make it easy to identify and rotate the stones. The features of this knife sharpening stone speak for themselves. The model has a sturdy molded plastic base. Its non-skid rubber feet ensure that it stays in positions as you work. There is further a V’ trough designed to catch oil drippings.
TRI-6 Tri-Hone Arkansas Sharpening Stones 

This makes it also easy to clean. Aside from the three-stone model, the brand also throws in a sharpening angle guide and a honing solution to improve the functionality of the system. You have to be careful when sharpening knives, so you don’t cut yourself because this model has no protective system.

The knife sharpening system weighs only 1.6 lbs. It measures approximately 9 by 3 by 10 inches. And while you might have a hard time sharpening bigger knives, the easy rotate feature and non-slip grip still make it the best selecting sharpening stone to buy today.

Conclusively, Smith’s Tri-Hone Sharpening Stones is a fairly strong sharpening system that gets the job done perfectly. There are three different stones that make this possible. It may not be the ideal model if you frequently sharpen bigger knives, but this small-sized knife sharpening system works well with most knife types. It may not have a protective system but the Sharpening Angle Guide makes you work from the right angle every time. 

#04 Three Way Cut Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

If you are looking for sharpening stone for knives, then this model is the best to consider. The double-sided grit is perfect for sharpening and honing. It is a whetstone ideal for the everyday home cook and the professional chef to sharpen Chefs and kitchen knives.

This knife sharpening stone kit includes premium quality 1000/6000 grit and a bonus angle guider. The whetstone has a length of 7.25 inches and a width of 2.25 inches, it is only 1 inch thick but it has the ability sharp blades of different sizes. It equally serves well as perfect sharpening stone for chisels and other tools. You can also use it for pocket knives, scissors, and a hunting knife. This is the best knife sharpening stone kit built with the safety of the user in mind.

It features an elegant bamboo base that ensures the stone won’t slip when you are sharpening. Besides, it does not require a lot of physical effort or any oil. These features make the Three Way Cut model the best and most effective sharpening stone even for beginners.
Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

The coarse 1000 grit side helps to quickly remove the dull edges while the 6000 grit side is perfect for honing. Just like other models in the market, you have to soak this whetstone in water for 10 minutes before using it. This may be a downside for most people. The Waterstone requires proper maintenance, but if you are looking for the best results, you have to stick to the instructions.

So far, nothing beats this Premium Knife Sharpening Stone in the market. The best part of this model is, you don’t have to break the bank to buy it. It sells at a reasonable price that does not affect your budget. What’s more, the company assures you of a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. This will be highly unlikely because every feature assures you of excellent results and frustration-free cutting.

To wrap it up, the Three Way Cut Premium Knife Sharpening Stone is the best model for the novice and the expert chef alike. It is also the ideal sharpening stone for the craftsman and the outdoor lover thanks to its multipurpose nature. You may want to settle with this Waterstone if you are working on a tight budget.

#05 Culinary Obsession Japanese Style Waterstone Sharpener 

Wrapping up our list of the top 5 sharpening stone in 2018 is this whetstone knife sharpening stone by Culinary Obsession. If you are shopping for the best Japanese sharpening stone, then you just hit the jackpot today.

This Japanese style model has every feature to give you the best sharpening experience and the sharpest blades. The knife sharpener stone comes with the whole package. Along with the Water stone, you also get an illustrated PDF guide, an angle guide and video instructions. The combination of 1000/6000 grits assures you that your knives will be sharper than the day you bought them.

The non-slip bamboo base not only gives it a stylish look, it also provides extra height and comfort. The sharpening stone will not move or slip as you sharpen your knives. Its generous size makes it perfect even for the longest kitchen knife. Moreover, the model is designed to sharpen any blade. Whether you want to sharpen your scissors, ax or machete, this is the sharpening stone to settle with.

Its versatile and stylish design makes it a perfect gift for the home chef, professional chef or artisan. The professional grade corundum makes this the best honing stone today. It truly deserves a spot on this top 5 list because it is easy to use and maintain. Unlike other models, you do not need oil to sharpen blades.

The product ranks as the best durable and functional model on the market. For your peace of mind though, there is a 1-year money-back guarantee. Rest assured that you’ve put your money in the right place. 


Final Thoughts 

Sharp knives and tools are great motivation for your work. Besides, they make work a lot easier; you don’t have to use a lot of pressure when working. This is why the quality sharpening stone is a great investment. This top 5 list has different sharpening stones from different brands. Of course, they serve the same purpose, but they differ in features and capabilities.

For budget-friendly shopping and ease-of-use, I made sure to include only the most affordable and easy-to-maintain knife sharpening stones. Because each model varies in quality and performance, it is important to list what you are looking for in a good model. This will help you find the best sharpening stone for  knives that meet your particular needs. I hope this top 5 list helps you make an informed decision.


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