Best Boot Knife 2024

Having a boot knife is a necessity for any outdoor-lover. You need to prepare yourself for any challenging situation that comes your way. When I say the outdoors, I mean any activity you engage in with friends and family whether it is camping, fishing or hiking.

A boot knife is versatile and can be used in many situations. Best of all, anyone can use a boot knife whether you are a novice or a professional. A good boot knife is short and slim so you can easily tuck it into your boot. You can even attach it to a belt or keep it anywhere that you find convenient.

When camping outdoors, a boot knife comes in handy when you want to cut meat or veggies. You can even use your knife to cut a rope. Buying a stronger model makes it easy to cut some kindling for a fire.

As a hunter or fisherman, you can use your best boot knife to clean meat or fish. Double-edged blades are the best models because they allow you to utilize both sides with ease. They slice and rip with good precision, and that is why I love them.

You need a good boot knife to defend yourself in any threatening situation. Another great thing about boot knife is that it can be easily concealed especially in areas where having a knife could cause panic. This is why I recommend buying a small and compact knife that you can easily slip in your shoes and still feel comfortable. Before buying a boot knife, always check with your local law-enforcement to make sure it is legal to have one.


Top 10 Best Boot Knife Reviews

#01 Smith & Wesson H.R.T. SWHRT9B Full Tang knife


best boot knife for police

Key Features:

Overall Weight: 7.2 Ounces
Dimensions : Length: 9 Inch (Blade: 4.75 & Handle: 4.25 )
Materials: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Handle: Black Rubber Wrapped Handle.
Sheath: Leather Sheath
Blade Type: Full Tang and Fixed Blade

Detail Description: Smith & Wesson H.R.T. SWHRT9B is one of the Amazon Best Seller Product which is the most used for recreational activities and professional tasks use like Different kinds of Law Enforce Agency. Many people are also carrying this knife to their self-defenses.

Smart lightweight carryable perfect adjusting in all boot overall 9-inch length fixed blade design and the total weight is 7 ounces. Raw materials high carbon 7Cr17 stainless steel duel Edged Spear Point Blade. Leather sheath with an adjustable clip that is pretty thick and well made.


• Double Edge Sharp Blade.
• Raw materials is 7Cr17 high carbon 440C stainless steel
• Comfortable with Grippy Rubber Handle
• Smart protective Leather sheath.
• Fixed blade strong durability design.
• Perfect size in Adjusting to Boot.


• Not perfect for small types of Boot.
• Fixed blade design required some space.

Final Verdict: In the final word is that Smith & Wesson launched SWHRT9B on October 2, 2001. Lightweight and high carbon stainless blade with strong durability black rubberized aluminum handle such an affordable boot knife ever I seen.


#02. Columbia River Knife and Tool 2020 AG Russell 

best boot knife

Key Features:

Overall Weight: 9.6 Ounces
Dimensions : Length: 6.85 Inch (Blade: 3.2 & Handle:3.35 )
Materials: 1050 Carbon Steel
Handle: Black Rubber Wrapped Handle.
Sheath: Nylon Cordula Sheath (One-Pieces)
Blade Type: Double edge and Fixed Blade.

Detail Description: CKRT 2020 first launched on 14 September 2004. The multi-purpose utility knife is designed by famous e.g. A.G Russell. Blade materials from forged 1050 HCR high-quality carbon steel and total blade length 3.2 inches. Rozar sharp cutting edge with spear point design just like a dagger. Both sides are sharp resisted corrosion long-lasting performance as a sting tough knife.

To serve the better ergonomic needs the perfect fitting in your bare or gloved hands. Strong durability lightweight wrapped rubber handle. Specially thumb sign gives better feel in your hands and adjustable strong grip. Custom made adjusting Zytel sheath are fit for your boot, belt, and backpacks.


1. Excellent blade for safety with a nice handle.
2. Fixed blade with Grippy Rubber Handle.
3. Resist corrosion 1050 Carbon Steel.
4. Cordura Zytel sheath with an adjusting custom belt clip.
5. Strong durability and perfect fitting size.
6. Affordable prices and Easy to access in any situation.


1. Such a one kinds small size.
2. A blade is pretty sharp using carefully.

Final Verdict: Columbia River Knife and Tool 2020 AG is a perfect boot knife just like his perfect fitting lightweight adjustable sheath with belt clip. High quality 1050 carbon steel materials in spear point fixed blade knife design by famous e.g. AG Russell. Overall it’s a stylish and reliable knife at an affordable price.


#03 Gerber Ghoststrike Deluxe Kit with Ankle Wrap [30-001006]

gerber Deluxe Kit

Key Features:

Overall  Weight: 3.6 Ounces

Dimensions : Length: 6.9 Inch (Blade: 3.3 & Handle:3.6 )

Materials: 420 HC High Carbon Steel

Handle:  Diamond features rubberized grippy handle.

Sheath: Adjustable Black Leather Sheath.

Blade Type: Full tang and Fixed Blade model.


Detail Description:  Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed blade knife is compact skeletal fixed blade boot knife because of that lightweight small carryable and opens fast in any tactical or survival situation. Blade materials are 420HC Steel and Deluxe Kit black ceramic coating that protecting knife blade from corrosion resistance and using a long time.

Only 3.6 Ounces lightweight and full tang fixed blade with 3.3 inches sharp blade having an awesome combination knife. Rubberized diamond texture handle serves the strong grip your hands in every critical situation. Right or Left both hands are perfectly fitted handle. Gerber Offer an ankle-mounted sheath which can be worn vertically or horizontally in your belt, boot or low-cut shoe.


  1. Corrosion resistance back ceramic coating Steel frame.
  2.  420 HC Skeletal high carbon steel.
  3. Strong grippy Diamond shape handle model.
  4. Leather sheath with adjusting belt or neoprene ankle warp.
  5. Lightweight full tang strong durability knife model.
  6. The modular sheath system for open or concealed carry.
  7. The sheath can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a belt.
  8. Best use of Self defense or tactical purpose.


  1. Having problems those who want it for powerful tasks.
  2. Also expensive.

Final Verdict: In the final verdict is that Gerber Ghoststrike is a good military boot knife. Strong rubberized grippy handle, stability and durability blade materials and including an ankle-mounted sheath. Lightweight small carryable full tang fixed blade knife is opening fast take the lowest time.Always on hand. Always ready. Always prepared.


#04 SOG Instinct Fixed Blade Neck/Boot Knife


sog knives

Key Features:

Overall Weight: 2.3Ounces

Dimensions : Length: 5.9 Inch (Blade: 2.3 & Handle:3.6 )

Materials: 5Cr15MoV Stainless Steel.

Handle:  Skeletonized and G10 both model handles are aviabiale.

Sheath: Hard Molded Nylon Sheath.

Blade Type: Clip Point shape and Straight Blade model.

Detail Description: SOG Instinct knife is a boot knife for police or other law in force agency. Strong durability lightweight 5.9 Inches knife is the perfect fit in the boot, belt, vest and bag or pocket. Blade materials are 5Cr15MoV Stainless Steel with G10 handle and Skeletonized handle both are available. The stainless steel, clip point blade shape has a sharp, straight edge that is versatile and easy to sharpen quickly.

Strong Hard Molded Nylon sheath having a special feature that has multi-angle adjustable point. Attachment in the neck with a lanyard, boot, belt, vest and bag and easy to carry anywhere in your body to ensure safety system. Strong durability grippy Machined G10 or Skeletonized handle shape to serve the highest ergonomic.



  1. 5cr15 Stainless steel material.
  2. Lightweight Strong durability Fixed blade knife.
  3. G10 and Skeletonized both handles is anti-grip and slip resistant.
  4. Multiple carrying options in Belt, Boot, Vest or Bag.
  5. Hard Nylon sheath specially features in features a multi-angle adjustable clip, attachment holes, and lanyard hole.
  6. Easily hidden in boot or pocket and Best use of self-defense.



  1. Size is too small can’t doing hard or big tasks.
  2. Nylon sheath causes blade dull.

Final Verdict:  In the final word is that, Blade materials, design, size, and weight all the features having this knife. As a compact, wearable clip point fixed blade shape that is full fill your demand that you need. Multiple carrying facilities and Comfortable size and Comfortable strong durability gripy handle, affordable prices having an awesome combination SOG Instinct.


#05 Schrade SCHF21 One-Piece Drop Forged knife


best boot knives



Key Features:

Overall Weight: 2.4 ounces
Dimensions : Total Length: 9.0 inch (Blade: 4.5 inch & Handle:4.5 inch)
Materials: SAE-1070 High Carbon Stainless Steel
Handle: Black Rubber Wrapped Handle.
Sheath: Glass Filled Nylon Boot Sheath
Blade Type: Spear Point and Fixed Blade.

Detail Description: The SCHF21 is a boot knife for man, police or law in-force agency. High quality SEA-1070 spear point double edge carbon blade are fit for hunting, Camping, Survival, Fishing, Wood whittling and others kinds of activities. 9 Inch strong dagger style design with round shape strong grip handle that is almost fit for your hands. Blade is quite sharp and re-sharpen easily.

Round shape handle design with a strong bullet point at the end of the handle. Strong durability, flexible and bluster free light weight handle easily moves to one side to another. Glass filled nylon sheath with adjusting belt clip protect your body. Easily press handle in a sheath or put out from a sheath. To serve the highest ergonomic in your working experiences just like a great tactical boot knife.

Pros :

1. Excellent design with lock management system.
2. Spear Point Sharpen Fixed blade.
3. SEA-1070 Carbon Blade.
4. Nylon boot sheath with a clip.
5. Strong Round shape Grippy Handle
6. Flexible weight and Affordable prices situation.


1. 9 inch is too large.
2. Made in Taiwan.

Final Verdict: In the Final work is that SCHF21 Spear point fixed blade boot knife is perfectly fit for your boot. Smart and attractive design to create a buying appeals to collect this knife. Lightweight high-quality blade materials, Glass protective Nylon sheath, Multi using activities and affordable prices.


#06 Gerber Strong Arm Blade Knife, Fixed Fine Edge

gerber knife

Key Features:


Overall Weight: 7.2 Ounces
Dimensions: Overall 9.8 Inches ( Blade 4.8 Inches and Handle 5 Inches )
Blade Materials: 420HC Stainless Steel.
Handle Material: Diamond-texture Rubberized Grippy Handle.
Sheath: Glass-filled nylon with rubber over mold.
Blade Type: Full tang fixed blade design features with serrated edge and fine edge.


Detail Description: Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife as the excellent USA made knife that is almost covered a perfect quality knife. Like Knife blade, handle, sharp edge retention with strong durability rubberized hard to handle.

As a Fixed blade knife features with ceramic coating full tang 420HC high-quality, Serrated and Fine edge both are available. 420HC strong hard blade gives you extra comfort when doing hard and raw works.

Obtaining a perfect solid grip and covered to diamond-texture rubberized handle that is perfectly fit for all ages hand. A striking pommel handle breaks through the hard surface and most effective in rescue different operations.

Gerber Innovating a versatile multi-carrying features sheath can be mounted vertically on molle, horizontally on a belt clip and others are drop-leg fashion. Easy to use and light-weight brute strength with an awesome sheath.


1. High-Quality 420HC Steel Blade.
2. Hardness, excellent edge retention, and stain resistance.
3. Fixed blade Full tang around 5 Inches blade.
4. Serrated and Fine Edge both are available.
5. Strong Durability rubberized texture grippy handle.
6. MOLLE-compatible Nylon sheath feature with the multi-carrying option.
7. Black, Coyote Brown and Gray color.
8. The USA made Gerber Lifetime Warranty.


1. Nylon sheath causes blade sharpness.

Final Verdict: World famous Gerber’s Strong Arm fixed blade knife is specially built for different combat and survival applications. High-quality strong durability blade with diamond grip handle including versatile boot knife.


#07 Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife

kar bar boot knife

Key Features:

Overall Weight: 6.4 Ounces
Dimensions: Overall 6.75 Inches ( Blade 3.25 and Handle 3.5 )
Materials: 1095 Cro-Van steel.
Handle Material: Multi-tasking Covered options.
Sheath: Injection-molded, glass-filled nylon sheath.
Blade Type: Clip Point shape and Fixed blade Design.


Details Description: One of the boot knife is in Ka-Bar knife series Becker Necker is made by Cro Van 1095 Carbon Steel materials which are provided edge effectively. Quickly and easily sharpen carbon steel what keeps the blade sharp and smooth edge. Drop Point shape and length gives to you extra comfort doing all kinds of domestic and outdoors activities.

Ka-Bar included black plastic injection-molded, glass-filled nylon sheath that is designed TDI Metal Belt Clip. Multitasking carrying features in belt, boot or tactical vest.

Handle material is not fixed. You can buy a micarta handle and warp it on paracord or using canvas and resin whatever you want to get the highest ergonomic and comfortable also. Nylon sheath protects knife blade and ensures the perfect safety.



1. High Carbon 1095 Cro-Van Steel materials.
2. Strong flexibility Lightweight Durability design.
3. The sheath is made of glass-filled nylon with TDI adjustable belt clip.
4. Vest, bag, belt or boot multi-tasking carrying facilities.
5. Affordable prices with extra protected features utilized.



1. The handle may be slip without using paracord.
2. Nylon sheath causes blade dull.


Final Verdict: The new Becker Necker Carbon steel blade knife is one of the knives that are perfectly fit in your belt, boot or vest that are easily open when needed. Marked a new Ka-Bar Becker stamp, the Necker is a true serve the highest ergonomic performer in all kinds of indoors and outdoors activities.


#08 MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Series Tactical Boot Knife

Key Features:

Overall Weight: 3.5 Ounces
Dimensions: Overall 9 Inches ( Blade 4.75 and Handle 4.25 )
Materials: 440 Stainless steel.
Handle G10 comfortable blue color handle with superior grip.
Sheath: Smart Leather sheath for safety and safe carry.
Blade Type: Fixed blade full tang design features with a double half-serrated blade.


Detail Description: The MTech Xtreme fixed blade tactical knife that is mostly using in all kinds of indoors and outdoors tasks. MTech USA offers many kinds of the knife and another weapon that all are masterpieces. Specially made this knife in 440 high carbon stainless steel with Comfortable G10 handle materials.

The 440 steel blade is most hardest and perfect edge retention. Two-tone, double half-serrated on the lower end, giving it better-sawing motions, increasing its utility. Blade serve the extra working facilities to cutting rope and others.

Strong and flexilible rubberized handle design giving extra comfort in your hand. A Lanyard hole at the end of the handle that allows attaching additional cordage. Including an awesome leather sheath to safely carry and reduce blade dullness in submerge weather



1. Self-defense weapon and a powerful utility indoors and outdoors tool.
2. High carbon 440 Stainless steel giving hardness and perfect edge retention in long-term.
3. Strong durability and comfortable G10 rubberized handle materials.
4. Blue color lightweight design and features a lanyard hole on end of a handle.
5. Attractive leather sheath to protect knife blade and safe carry.
6. Affordable price and giving it great concealability.



1. Somebody says MTech Xtreme is too large.
2. Sharpen this knife having some problems as a newbie.

Final Verdict: MTech USA Xtreme fixed blade tactical boot knife that is almost fit and perfect for all kinds of indoors and outdoors activities. High quality sharpens blade and strong grippy rubberized handle to serve the proper ergonomic having an awesome boot knife for police, hunters and self-defense purpose.

#09 Gerber Warrant Knife, Serrated Edge Knife

hunting boot knife

Key Features:

Overall Weight: 5.4 Ounces
Dimensions: Overall 9.5 Inches ( Blade 4.5 Inches and Handle 5 Inches )
Blade Materials: 7CR17MoV Stainless Steel.
Handle Material: Machined Aluminum Handle Materials.
Sheath: Nylon digital Camo Sheath including with Belt Clip.
Blade Type: Partially serrated tanto point tactical fixed blade.


Detail Description: Gerber yes, Gerber is the most prominent knife making company to ensure quality, quantity and customer satisfaction. High-quality 7CR17MoV blade materials and blade hardness is Rockwell 58-60 grade. Features with partially serrated design tanto point boot knife.

Lightweight, smart machined aluminum handle gives a strong grip in your hand. To serve the highest ergonomic handle ensure bluster free works. Attractive camo sheath with elastic pommel retention to carry your bag, belt and hide in your boot.



1. Strong lightweight flexible boot knife.
2. Rockwell hardness 58-60 and blade material 7CR17MoV
3. Tanto point design features with the serrated edge.
4. Machined Aluminum including serrated Grip.
5. Digital camo sheath with elastic pommel retention.
6. Affordable price and attractive design.



1. 9.5 Inches knife is too long.

Final Verdict: Modern, attractive, innovation, dedication and customer demand and satisfaction that’s makes Gerber Unstoppable. Gerber is most renowned as a master of knives, weapon and indoors and outdoors tools, Problem-solving, protect yourself, made easier, life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of specific activities in mind. I think Gerber Warrant Knife, Serrated Edge, Tanto, with Camo Sheath knife in Gerber another boot knife.



#10 Fury Tactical Boot Knife

boot knife

Key Features:

Overall Weight: 4 Ounces
Dimensions: Overall 9 Inches ( Blade 5 Inches and Handle 4 Inches )
Blade Materials: 440HC Stainless Steel.
Handle Material: Strong Grippy Rubberized Handle with Dual Guards and Lanyard Hole.
Sheath: Leather Protective Sheath including with back clip.
Blade Type: Dual Edged Spear-Point Full-tang Fixed Blade Knife.

Detail Description: Fury Tactical Boot Knife are having a two types model that are 7 and 9 inches blade. In this article, we reviewed Fury 9 inches blade knife. The knife blade is made of 440HC Steel materials. 440 steel blade is re-sharpen quickly and strong durability also.

To serve the highest ergonomic handle is made of rubber. Rubberized handle is non-reflective and provides the comfortable grip. Perfectly fitted in all hands and move one hand to other hands easily.

Double coated leather sheath keeps your blade sharp and protects yourself. Included with a clip that used to in your belt and outside holster. Dark black color design and the perfect weight for size and open at a glance whatever you want any places and time.


1. Both Edge is pretty sharp.
2. The blade is re-sharpen Quickly.
3. Non-reflective and provides a firm and strong comfortable grip.
4. Strong durability rubberized handle.
5. Having a protective Smart Leather Sheath.
6. Affordable prices and Lightweight Tactical Boot Knife.


1. 9” knife that is not perfectly fitted in all boots.
2. When receiving, it looks like dull ((but it takes little work to sharpen).

Final Verdict: Fury Tactical boot knife is specialized for defensive tools or weapon whatever you called. Perfect weight balance between blade and handle combination. Strong, flexible, light-weight, restraints, rubberized handle with a perfect leather sheath having a great knife materials combinations.


Boot Knife Blade length and Design:

Perfect blade length is not fixed at all because it’s depend on your boot height, blade quality and another most important fact that will hide easily in your boot. Around 3 to 5 inches is the ideal length I think so. Double edge spear point and Single edge clip point are the two most popular design for a boot knife.

Blade Materials: 

Steel is the most important elements in a knife. Two kinds of steel are mostly used in making knife Carbon steel and Stainless steel. Tough and Hard are the two measurements to called an ideal steel. 440C, 154 CM, 8Cr13MoV, ATS-34, AUS-8 are the most using Stainless steel. And SEA-1070, SEA-1050 are the most using High-quality Carbon Steel blade.

Boot knife Sheath:

Sheath is the most important part of a knife because of that a quality sheath can save much accident and protect knife blade in water or moisture. Leather, Nylon, Plastic so many sheaths are available in the market. Most of the people choosing a quality leather sheath because if his Smartness, Protective, Long-lasting with exclusive design.



How To Wear A Boot Knife: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All


If you like roaming around in the jungle or other hunted places, the knife is extremely useful for you. But these aren’t the only uses of knife that you can do. A knife can be used for different types of daily major or minor works. So, you may need to carry a knife with you that you can use when it is needed, no matter you are in a jungle or not.

In this case, you may face so many problems to carried a knife in your pocket. To keep in your bag is not a good idea Right! Because of that in emergency time have not reach quickly.

So, what your plan? I think carry a knife in your boot is the best idea to avoid any kinds of problems and easily take it when needed. There are many kinds of boot knife that are most famous and renowned boot knife. But if your boot is not one of those, you may be confused about how to wear a boot knife?


Wearing a Boot Knife: The Easiest Way

Having a pair of boot which doesn’t have a boot pocket can’t prevent you from carrying the knife in boot. You can easily customize your boot from any shoemaker and add a pocket to it. There is another easy way that will allow you to carry your knife in your boots. Let’s see that.

#01. At first, you need to choose a knife that comes with a leather sheath. Otherwise, you can make or buy a leather sheath in which your knife fits properly.

#02. Take a pair of long leather lace and stitch the middle of a lace with a closed edge of the sheath. Stitch the middle of remaining leather lace with a side of the open edge of the sheath.

#03. When you wear the boot, tie the lace of the closed edge with the calf of your shoe. Tie it tightly so that it remains stable. Tie another lace, stitched with the open edge, with your leg.

#04. After the sheath being tied properly, keep the knife inside the sheath. Make sure that you have tied the sheath properly.

#05. Walk and run few times to make sure that the sheath or the knife is not falling out.

#06. If you want the make this more firm, sew the closed end of the sheath with the side of your boot. It will make sure that the sheath won’t be separated from the boot.


This is the easy way to wear a boot knife if your boot doesn’t have a knife pocket in it. Make sure that you have tied or sewed the sheath on your strong side- if you are right-handed, don’t think of wearing the boot knife in your left foot.

There are some other ways to wear a boot knife but this one is really easy. You may also carry the knife under your feet or make an extra sheath on your boot. No matter what you do, make sure that you can easily reach to the knife when you need it.


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