Best Sushi Knife Reviews 2019

One thing you need to know is that the best sushi knife is the one that feels great when you hold it. You are not shopping for a knife that is convenient but a knife that will make meal preparation smooth. Here is everything you need to know about buying a sushi knife.

best sushi knife

Buying the best tools for your next meal preparation is not easy. And when it comes to buying the best product, the market is large, and there are numerous models available.

To make your work easy, I’ll summarize this article in a single sentence: a cheap knife may not be that good, and a good knife is not that cheap.

The perfect sushi knife for any kitchen is light and sharp. It is specially built for precise work and more delicate processes like slicing raw seafood. One thing I love about the sushi knife is that food does not stick to it, so it does not ruin my meat. Unlike the typical knife, a sushi knife is honed on the right side only. It is long and thin making sure it truly serves its purpose.

Because it is different from the conventional Western knife, sushi knife provides top-quality service and greater precision. They are better to use than the typical knives no wonder they are quite common when preparing sushi. You can use this knife for slicing various fishes. You can also use a sushi knife for small-scale work in your kitchen like cutting fruits or vegetables.

Buying Guide for the Sushi Knife

Making a sushi food involves various steps that include; cutting the fish, vegetables and then the roll itself. Sushi knife should have a multi-faceted design to enable it cut through the fish, vegetables and cut a neat as well as clean sushi roll.

A good sushi knife is normally made from high-carbon steel instead of stainless steel that gives it better quality, durable as well as a more lightweight feel. Often Sushi knives that are made from stainless steel tend to rust and this makes it lose its blade sharpness.

Qualities of the Perfect sushi Knife:

  • Extra thin blade; for making the finest cuts.
  •  A Sharp Blade; for easy and precise cuttings
  •  Long Length; to make it easier to make a single pass while filleting or cutting your fish
  •  Ground Edge; to make many square cuts from the piece of fish in which you’re cutting.
  • A Smooth Blade Edge; to get smooth as well as precise cuts for your sushi rolls.
  • Non-stick aerated blade; that creates air pockets to help prevents your sushi from sticking to your blade.
  • Long and slender blade shape; to enable you cut through your fish and sushi with minimal resistance and more precision.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain and rust resistant; to prevent contaminating your food
  • High Carbon Steel construction; it ensure exceptional control and balance of your knife. In addition, blades made from carbon steel are incredibly strong and durable.
  • Lightweight and comfortable handle; to make it easier to use ad with a comfortable shape for a handle to prevent hand fatigue as well as provide more comfortable cutting.

The most preferred size for  knife is  about of 8-8.5 inch; the longer the blade, the easier it is to make a single pass while cutting your fish. However, the prices for the sushi knife may vary but it all depends on what you are looking for, if it’s of good qualities but low price then its worth.

Sometimes, you may find one that is expensive but lack certain essential qualities for the sushi knife. Therefore, it all depends on what you are looking for; the price is just but an added factor to consider. Choose the perfect sushi knife for you based on qualities and not the price.

Top 10 Best Sushi Knife Reviews

#01 The Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife

  Chefs and culinary experts around the world are on the tough hunt for finding the sushi knife that is available  on the market today. People even spent much of their time browsing in different search engines to find out the best brand of knife.

The Victorinox Fibrox 8- inch Chef’s FFP is well- known in giving the finest chops, and this new outing of Victorinox is being tagged as a quality  sushi knife in the market. What makes Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife the perfect knife?

a)    High-carbon stainless steel blade: this 8- inch high- carbon stainless knife was specially designed for dicing, mincing, and slicing and it offers maximum edge retention as well as enhances sharpness.

b)    Custom-ground: its blades have been laser-tested thus the knife’s edge is tapered and this creates a perfect angle that attributes to superior blades sharpness for a longer duration of time.

c)    Fibro Pro design handle: this greatly promotes superb grip as well as simple handling even if the handle gets wet.

d)   Extra wide Blade: this makes it much easier to slice.

e)   Very sharp blade: it doesn’t require frequent honing.


  • Ergonomic, non-slip patented Fibrox Pro handle to minimize wrist tension
  • Razor- sharp Edge that hardly requires re-sharpening
  • Superior Weight and Balance
  • Made from lightweight European steel that reduces fatigue
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) Material in its handle for comfortable grip.


  • Not attractive knife appearance
  • The plastic handle makes the knife looks cheap
  • Not intended for pure cutlery.

Final Verdict;

If you are searching for the quality sushi knife, this edition of Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife is more than enough! Visit now to purchase your Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife. In addition, it draws close resemblance to leading Swiss knives, but not the rocketing price, of course! This amazing knife only costs around $44.


 Finding the Sushi Knife, Landing on the Japanese Standards. ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 8- inch – Alpha-Royal Series knife claims to be the best sushi knife in the market today. Then, what makes this knife different from others?

a)      Made from the Best Japanese Steel; this knife was carefully engineered using the premium Japanese steel, so it holds the gold standards.

b)      Unique Triple Engrossed & Rounded Handle; with the use of first-class G10 Black   Military Handle, this knife surely leads against its competitors.

c)      Unmatched Sharpness; carefully crafted using the established Honbazuke Method, this 8” knife has a 12 degree pro razor edge in every side. The knife holds the premium razor sharpness which will allow you to slice without thinking of effort.

d)     Classy Style; The ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 8- inch – Alpha-Royal Series knife is also a great addition for your aesthetic needs. Well, even the products labeling already speaks for excellence.

e)      Money Back Guarantee; Just like the majority of online offerings, the manufacturer of ZELITE INFINITY ensures you a 100% money back coverage if you are not satisfied.


  •  Sets the new standard of reliable product with the best design
  •  Crafted using the finest Japanese steel
  •  Ergonomic knife handle
  •  Stain and Rust Resistance
  •  Edge retention capability


  •  Because of the super sharp blades of this knife, you need to be careful, otherwise, you will suffer an injury
  • This knife weighs heavier compared to its competitor
  •  The odd shape of the knife cause imbalance.

Final Verdict;

After reading this article, I’m sure that you already realized the best move. So, visit now and just pay $129.97 to grab your own ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 8 inch – Alpha-Royal knife!

#03 The DalstrongSantoku- Shogun Series- AUS- 10V

When we want to cook the finest sushi, we must first have  sushi knife as our dependable ally. Now, if you are eying for the perfect sharp, consider the DalstrongSantoku- Shogun Series- AUS- 10V Japanese Steel knife.

best sushi knife

For you to have the best look on this knife, consider the following specifications.

a)     Scalpel-like Edge. The DalstrongSantoku- Shogun Series- AUS- 10V Japanese Steel knife comes with the unique scalpel-like design which ensures 8- 12 degrees angle per side manipulation.

b)      Ultra Sharp AUS- 10V Japanese Steel Cutting Core. With its certified 62+ Rockwell hardness, this knife can withstand any disturbances and pressures.

c)       Ultra- Premium G- 10 Handle. This unique santoku design is embedded in the knife’s tang built making it resistant to high temperature.

d)       Nitrogen Cooled for Enhanced Performance. With the induction of Nitrogen in its built, this knife is corrosion- proof and extremely hard.


  • Allows straighter edge grip, thus making the best push- cut in your cuisine.
  • This is not an ordinary razor-sharp kitchen knife, but also holds the best design
  • Made of the trusted AUS-10V Japanese super steel technology
  • 67-Layered Damascus engineered blade technology.
  • Provides the safest finger guard or protection


  • There are reported cases of chipping due to the thickness of this knife
  • Not all sharpening tool is applicable for this knife
  • Some clients reported that after a month of using this knife, there are already missing blade fragment

Final Verdict;

After weighing the pros and cons, this product is the best choice. So, do not waste your time and visit the You will surely enjoy the perks of the DalstrongSantoku- Shogun Series- AUS- 10V Japanese Steel knife for only $113. 91.


#04 CUTTING  Chef Knife ~Japanese High Carbon Steel  Knife


Weight: 9.6 Ounces

Dimensions: 8 Inches Blade.

Materials: Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel.

Handle: Black and Silver Handle.

Blade Type: Full Tang.

Detail Description:  If you are a kitchen enthusiast  Chef’s  8 Inches Cutting knife are one of the most important kitchen tools for preparing your delicious food items. Full tang fixed blade knife is made of 56 Rockwell hardness Carbon steel. Resilient and durable – razor sharp edge efficient for lifetime use.

Multipurpose using like precise slicing, carving, cutting, mining and chopping and much more done in a quick time. You can cut easily fish, meat, Vegetables, fruits and nice chop everything from herbs to onions.

To provide the highest ergonomic handle are much comfortable and slipping across. To adding little weight to the handle get some extra balance and perfect control.

All the kitchen knife are dull quickly and harm to kitchen sink but chefs are different from other. But good practice is that always wash it by hand in old shop and water. Keep it clean and ready for a next task.


  • Modern and the unique eye-catching kitchen knife.
  • 8 Inches large blade are doing good perfectly all.
  • A multi-task using like Cutting, Slicing, Carving, Mining, and Chopping.
  • Resilient and durable – razor sharp blade.
  • Strong durability grippy weight balance handle.
  • Each edge is manually sharpened.
  • Safer and reliable and easy to cleaning.
  • Affordable price including a helpful brochure.


  • Pretty sharp blade using carefully.
  • Always try to use a cutting board.
  • Using a long time without dullness try to clean after completing tasks.

Final Verdict: In the final word is that Chef ‘s knife is not just a kitchen knife I think it will be a great addition to your kitchen. Most of the kitchen enthusiast tell that Chef’s 8 Inches kitchen knife also be a modern, minimal, Classic design that will catch the attention in your kitchen. To send an awesome and wonderful gift to your friends and family members or kitchen enthusiast and put a big smile on her face !!!

#05 DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Shogun Series Gyuto


Weight: 8.6 Ounces

Dimensions: Blade length 9.5 Inches.

Materials: AUS-10V Japaneses Super Steel Core.

Handle: G10 Handle, Heat, colt and Moisture.

Blade Type: Full Tang.

Detail Description: We love design and craftsmanship. Such Dalstrong Shogun Series 9.5” AUS-10V is the best chef knife  ever I seen. Raw materials have been using AUS-10V Japanese Super Steel and sharpness staggering 8-12° degree angle both side. Large 9.5 Inches blade sails through vegetables, fish, and meats with virtually no effort.

Full tang and rust/corrosion cladding blade ensure that knife will stay cleaner and long-lasting. Applying Honbazuke 3 step sharped method that sharpens both sides in smoothly, perfectly and robustness. 

Military grade strong durability G10 handle. Exclusively made in highly imperviously to heat, cold and moisture. To serve the highest value ergonomic handle for superior handle control, agility, perfectly fitted and non-slippy grip for your comfort. To enhance handle beauty adding copper mosaic. And Every Shogun Series knife adding a quality full Sheath with a traditional pin and locking mechanism. Thus it ensures your knife blade protect any accident and finger protected.


  • AUS-10V Japanese Steel Blade.
  • 3 Step Honbazuke sharping method on each side staggering 8-12°degree angle.
  • Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell.
  • Cutting fast and cleaning easily.
  • Ergonomic handle for superior hand control, agility, and comfort.
  • Full tang blade with perfect balance, finger protection, and comfortable grip.
  • Rust/Corrosion resistant blade with hand-polished comfort handle.
  • Strong durability handle and triple riveted beautifully engraved.


  • Expensive Also.

Final Verdict: DALSTRONG Chef – Shogun Series knife is one of the perfect sushi knife because of that it’s unique crystalline structure, Strength, Enhancing, Flexibility and hardness. As a kitchen enthusiast, I likely it most. High-quality steel blade with the G10 comfortable handle that is combination of Japanese making method with the latest breakthrough technologies that the Songun Series is simply unrivaled in performance, value, and beauty.

#06 AUGYMER 8-Inch Professional Chefs Knife

Indeed, finding the perfect knife for sushi  is not an easy task. But the quest for finding the sushi knife finally came to end- thanks to the AUGYMER 8 Inch Professional Chefs Knife Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Sharp Chef Knife.
a)   Wooden handle; It provides perfect grip

b)   Larger blade; this provides excellent edge retention which allows one to cut or slice effortlessly.

c)    09 inch (23 mm) thick-blade; which also consist of about 0.6-0.75 percent carbon to enhance strength and durability.

d)    Ensured Delivery and Packaging. Once you order this knife in the Amazon. com for only $23.99, the manufacturer will make sure that your item is really secured. They have a so-called protective scabbard mechanism to do all of these checks.


  • Constructed according to Japanese Standards. This knife is made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel so you are assured of its quality.
  • Multipurpose Knife. In other words, you can do different slicing by just using a single knife.
  • Ultra Sharp Blades. The sharpness of the blade will surely put you in complete astonishment. Hence, you can use these super sharp blades for different purposes that include; chopping, dicing, slicing, and mincing.
  • Knife Protection Case. You can easily store this amazing knife using the Knife Protection Case that comes along in every delivery.


  • Not recommended for cutting vegetables.
  • Not made from Damascus steel
  • Only use wood-grain

Final Verdict;

Since you already know the pros and cons of the AUGYMER 8-Inch Professional Chefs Knife Japanese High-Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Sharp Chef Knife, the next thing that you must do is to visit the and bid your order now!

#07 Japan Yanagiba Sashimi Knife

If you want to use the perfect and quality sushi knife, then consider the Japan Bargain S-1550 Japanese Sushi Yanagiba Sashimi Knife. This knife is primarily intended to cut raw for sashimi and fish. However, the Japan Bargain S-1550 Japanese Sushi Yanagiba Sashimi Knife is also recommended for making sushi since it is capable of producing refined chops and cuts.

Therefore, to further assess the performance of the Japan Bargain S-1550 Japanese Sushi Yanagiba Sashimi Knife, consider the following specs:

a)    Equipped with Molybdenum rust:– proof blade with a razor-sharp edge

b)    Wooden Handle:-Has a wooden handle which ensures comfort in very grip without jeopardizing the accuracy

c)     Less Maintenance Concern:-This knife does not need thorough blade maintenance

d)    Reliable Quality:-It is made in Japan so it strictly follows the best standards


  • When you use this knife, you won’t experience any wrist or finger fatigue
  • You don’t need to buy a sharpening pad because this product is built to last
  • The blades of this knife are convex, thus you only need to grind on one side (right side when you are holding the knife)
  • Due to its thin and light blade, the Japan Bargain S-1550 Japanese Sushi Yanagiba Sashimi Knife is perfect for dicing vegetables, herbs, or even cut a meat into paper thin
  • Though it has a thin blade, it maintains its tough built when you are slicing


  • This knife was primarily designed for the right-handed person only
  • The knife is made from wood and steel materials
  • Not intended to slice smooth meats

Final Verdict;

Indeed, the Japan Bargain S-1550 Japanese Sushi Yanagiba Sashimi Knife gives more positive than negative. So, you must purchase one the soonest time as possible. Just visit the and pay $21.54.

#08 Yoshihiro ShirokoKnife

When it comes sushi knife, you must purchase the Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife. But what’s in store with this latest Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel edition? Continue reading to discover the grandest perks it brings.

a)     Tough Material, The World’s Toughest Carbon Steel; Built with the finest Japanese White High Carbon Steel #2 coupled with HRC 62-63, this knife undoubtedly holds the toughest built.

b)     Suitable Minimum Length; This knife measures 9.5 inches in a single and traditional grind blade.

c)    Elegant Design; The knife employs the finest Japanese design.

d)    Shitan rosewood handle; it has a great influence on traditional Japanese-handcraft style.


  • A Must- have for Entry Level chefs. If you are just new into culinary, this knife will surely help you along the way. With the knife’s D- shaped handle made from Magnolia, you will always have the best grip and slice.
  • Long Thin Blade for Best Slice. Primarily, the Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi knife is made for long slicing fish; it is capable of doing even the most difficult slice.
  • Expect Nothing But the Best Form. The Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi is made from forging iron with White Steel that is why it is exceptionally durable.
  • Crafted by experts. Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi knife is engineered using the best shots and recommendations from culinary experts.
  • Easy to Sharp. When you want to sharpen your Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi knife, you just need to use the Japanese water stones.


  • Not Stainless Steel
  • Dull Appearance.
  • Easy to chip

Final Verdict;

Now, if you want the real score of this kinds of  sushi knife, just visit the By just simply ordering one Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi knife for only $159.99, you’ll possess the best culinary edge!

#09 KACEBELA Professional 8-inch Chef’s Knife

best sushi kitchen knife

KACEBELA professional 8-inch chef’s knife is a great pick if you are searching perfect sushi knife. It’s made from high- carbon, stainless steel material; you will never question the integrity of its toughness. In addition, its multipurpose, thus you can use this knife for different purposes. It’s one of the best knives in the market today.

a)      Classy and Multifunctional:- It has a chrome finish and has a special design that makes it a suitable Kitchen knife for various cutting appliances.

b)       Ergonomic and User-friendly:- This particular knife has an ergonomic handle that even after a long use will leave your fingers comfortable. Its size and weight is also balanced for efficiency.


  • Top- notch Durability. When it comes to hard kitchen tasks, the KACEBELA professional 8 inch chef’s knife will never leave you alone. Due to its high- quality stainless steel makeup, this knife will still perform its best even the most intense culinary activities.
  • Classy Design. Aside from durability, people like this knife because of its design.  It has a unique wooden handle which ensures a fine hold in your every slice.
  • Comfortable to Use. Due to the well- thought ergonomic details of the KACEBELA professional 8 inch chef’s knife, you will never experience any finger injury or numbness.
  • User- friendly. The KACEBELA professional 8 inch chef’s knife was made not only for the chefs, but also for ordinary people. KACEBELA professional 8- inch chef’s knife will provide you with the best chops and cuts even of you don’t have a culinary degree.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the KACEBELA professional 8 inch chef’s knife, you can avail the full refund.


  • Not recommended for slicing vegetables
  • The extremely sharp blade often leads to an accident
  • Can’t withstand the most intense kitchen tasks.

Final Verdict;

Since you already discover why KACEBELA is the quality sushi knife, it is just but right to order your own knife. Visit the Amazon. com and order your own KACEBELA professional 8-inch chef’s knife for only $25.99.

#10 Kitchen + Home Non Stick Sushi Knife

When you are searching a light weight, strong durability sushi knife, maybe what you are looking for is the Kitchen + Home Non-Stick Sushi Knife – 8- inch Stainless Steel Non-Stick Multipurpose Chef Knife.

a)    The use of Surgical Steel of High Quality: This 13 inches non-stick knife is made from high-quality surgical steel. The knife primes its capability to make an accurate slice.

b)     Stainless Razor-Sharp Blade: In addition, it has aerated blade that’s responsible for the reduction of friction, a razor sharp and stainless steel blade that is best for cutting smooth meat.


  • Cheap but High Quality. If you are using this knife, you are actually producing the same results as those chefs who are using expensive brands.
  • This is a multipurpose knife so you can use this for cutting different kinds of meat. You can use this for beef, chicken, and vegetables.
  • Made From Carbon Stainless. Meaning it’s a genuine stainless. Therefore, you only need to purchase once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.
  • Easy Cleaning. Because this type of knife is non- stick, the process of cleaning is so easy. It is recommended to hand-wash the knife to retain the non- stick coating.
  • Ergonomic Edge. The knife’s handle is made up of non- porous ABS material to ensure a comfortable grip and easy control.


  • The blade is not serrated
  • Plastic handle is easy to fade
  • Sharpening removes the non- stick coating

Final Verdict;

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using the 8- inch Stainless Steel Non-Stick Multipurpose Chef Knife. If you are convinced with the benefits, just visit the now and pay $14.99 for your order.

                                             Sushi Knife Buying Checklist:

When it comes to choosing the best knife, the most essential things to consider are:

  • The type of blade
  •  The material used to make the handle
  •   The length of the blade

If you are out to shop for your sushi knife then, you should consider a blade that’s made from one single piece of steel. Often, there are two major groups of how sushi knife blades are crafted; Blades made from one single piece of steel known as Honyaki (true forged) and two pieces of steel known as Kasumi (mist).

However, the best type of blade is the single piece of steel; they are of high quality and hefty price tag. In addition, if you’re not that serious about honing your sushi skills at home, it is essential to purchase a high-quality knife since it will last for a long time.

sushi knife checklistBased on our research , we found out that the best knife for sushi  is the Japanese-style Yanagi ba knife. It’s a good universal knife best for cutting fish and sushi. Often, it’s the traditional Japanese-sushi knife that is used by chefs. Remember, a good sushi knife set can be very expensive.

When cutting fish for your sushi using a Yanagi-ba knife, slice your fish in one-solid motion as you pull your knife towards you instead of pulling it away; this is to create one single smooth cut which can be incredibly thin as a result of the knife’s sharpness.

Features of Yanagi-Ba

  • One-sided edge.
  • Long and thin.
  • A sharp tip and slightly concave back.
  • Made of hard high-carbon steel.

How can you find the Best Sushi-knife?

If you’re looking for a good Yanagi-ba knife, you should consider the following factors;

  • Knives blades’ with a single-piece of steel
  • A D-shape handle to enhance stability and comfort
  • Should be from sushi knife brands; to avoid buying fake sushi knife.

Though, it’s difficult to find a left-handed sushi knife but you can order for one that’s specially designed.

Upkeep for Sushi Knife:

One of the keys you should know to cutting beautiful and perfect slices of fish for your sashimi or even sushi is keeping your blade’s sharpness thus they should be as sharp as possible. This simply means that, you need to be careful with your blade thus not to damage it, let it rust or even become dull. Follow these tips to upkeep your blade’s sharpness at all times;

  1. Never toss your sushi knife into the sink; it may cause it to chip.
  2. Hand-wash your knife and dry it right away after use.
  3. Regularly hone your sushi knife.
  4. At all time, use the proper-cutting board.
  5. Make sure too use a good or high quality sharpening stone in-order to sharpen your blade electric sharpener.

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