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Camillus Carnivore Machete Knife Review

Camillus Carnivore  Review   The Camillus Carnivore is a form of the machete that each outdoorsman over enthusiast needs. It’s extremely durable with features that are trendy giving many uses to it. Not only can it be useful for lots of different things but it seems wonderful! Comfy is sat on by the 12-inch blade; camo handle made to hold.       Is this For Me?   For me yes! If you are buying pleasure machete to cut through dense leaves in your hunting…

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Best Fish Fillet Knife 2019

Fillet knife are specially designed kitchen knife. Often, a good fillet knife is made of high carbon steel and comes with a very thin blade and the size (or length) that is in between four inches to eleven inches. It is specially designed to aid in filleting (it is a procedure of processing fleshy boneless meat from the lions and ribs of an animal using a knife designed for the work) varieties of fishes. There are three segments in the best fish fillet knife blade….


Best Whittling Knife 2019

 Hello there, are you looking forward to buying the best whittling knife? If you reach here at last through Google Search then you are in the right place. A perfect buying checklist for whittling knife should entail blade steel quality, handle material and much more. In this time, whittling is the most renowned art in modern fashion. It is a time-honored pastime. Have you ever noticed that nowadays many kinds of whittling materials are well displayed in people’s sitting rooms? As each day pass, whittling…

Best Sushi Knife Reviews 2019

One thing you need to know is that the best sushi knife is the one that feels great when you hold it. You are not shopping for a knife that is convenient but a knife that will make meal preparation smooth. Here is everything you need to know about buying a sushi knife. Buying the best tools for your next meal preparation is not easy. And when it comes to buying the best product, the market is large, and there are numerous models available. To…

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World Top Class EDC Knife Exclusive (Folding and Fixed Blade)

  I don’t spend my entire life. That is my record of the  greatest EDC knife available now.   You might have seen another website or two that believes they will be the skilled suggestions about the most effective best EDC knife before you landed here. In the end, some websites do just regurgitate Amazon reviews. But let’s be fair. Just shooting images of knives you’ve got purchased in no way means that you used or have either taken said knife at all. Furthermore, the…