True Flight Cold Steel Thrower Knife Review

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Review



Are throwing knives trendy right? Plus it’s as safe as skydiving. No, it’s. Thanks to quite a several other firms and Cold Steel, we can love without going broke along the way throwing knives.


I’m planning to do an unbiased review now. I’m likely to refer to this short article as the “True Flight.” although that name does seem great, for the benefit of wordiness.




Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Review


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This knife is the individual who loves a challenge. You must be prepared to include the training, patience and be willing to have a great time to throw a knife. This knife Cold Steel True Flight Thrower can provide hours upon hours of amusement to you in case you just began just as your Authentic Flight was delivered in the post or whether you’ve been throwing for 20 years.


Part of the attractiveness of the knife is you do if you don’t need n’t need to throw it. It fits that bill also if you only need an ill knife to carry around with you. If you happen to be rough, demanding or you just like knives that are trendy, you’ll likely enjoy this knife. If you aren’t convinced, there are numerous reviews on Amazon of people that adored it and have bought the Actual Flight. You can check out those here! Accurate Flight reviews.


Product Features


  • 12 inches total.
  • 5-millimeter blade depth
  • Weighs 9.7 oz
  • Paracord Handle wrapping.
  • Imported
  • Blade Thickness: 5 mm.
  • 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Strong, reliable, accurate throwing knife.
  • Cor-Ex Sheath.






 Is this knife permanent? I have now  been impressed with how permanent it is and have worked with this specific knife. My Brothers and that I get to throw knives plus among them constantly brings his Accurate Flight. Aside from the throwing scenario, the Real Flight is there. It has thrown hundreds of times into all sorts of goals, the knife never bent, chipped or broken at all. The sword has thrown inadvertently into among the screws in our goal although we did have to replace the screw also it sustained no damage.




 Blade and Sharpness


The 1055 Carbon Steel is an incredibly long-lasting steel specially made to decrease the potential for breakage of blades. It even offers the capacity to hold an excellent edge.



Handle and Grip




Although if you would rather the metal handle, the paracord is an easy task to get rid of. So it’s quite huge. Additionally, the Actual Flight is good equilibrium, when throwing it, upping your likelihood of succeeding.





pros image

  • Cor-Ex Sheath fixed Blade knife.
  • Light weight carryable knife.
  • 1055 high Carbon Steel throwing knife.
  • Cor-Ex Sheath with paracord handle warping.
  • Affordable prize has a smart thrower knife.





  • Includes limited manufacturer’s warranty; details included with purchase.
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes.




Competition of the True Flight


It’s a little longer as opposed to Authentic Flight but the handle is crafted from plastic that is composite. I’d personally rather have a steel handle although composite plastic can be used in several products, even ballistic armor.





I’ve adored throwing this knife. In precisely the same time it’s simply perfect, although it’s straightforward. I purchase all my knives online. They can market their products to find the best cost possible and are dependable. True Flight Thrower Simply do because costs might go can’t wait overly long!




Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Review Final Verdict:


In 1980 Cold Steel Knife company achieved the goal of Strongest, Sharpest cutlery latest modern knife In the world. Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Paracord Wrapped Handle knife is the perfect choose for the throwers enthusiasts!!! Excellent paracord handle with high-quality light weight knife blade.So I think as a thrower enthusiasts should have a collection such an excellent thrower knife.


Cold Steel True Flight Thrower


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