How A Pocket Knife Help Outdoor Activities?

A knife is not only important for cooking food in the kitchen! Because everyone knows it’s very helpful in the home even out of home and when you go outdoor activities . People used knives for making different food and the reason they use a lot of professional knives.

But do you know if you go for travel or want to spend your vacation especially in outdoor activities through hunting or fishing; so definitely you need a pocket knife which will help you as a good friend. But there are many people don’t love to carry a knife in their backpack or tackle box! They think there is no need to carry a pocket knife, it can make bulky of their carrying accessories.

But it’s not right! Because pocket knives mean they are not heavy or big size. There are many portable knives which is very compact and handy that you can easily put in your pocket and no need any big space to store it.

However, if you know why you should carry a pocket knife so of course you will happy and never leave it in your home. From hiking, biking or hunting everywhere need a knife that will make your job so easier. So the question where you can use your knife in outdoor situations? Now we give you a small brief of pocket knife how and where you can apply it; and why you should carry it?

Carry A Pocket Knife For Hiking

Hiking is one of the most popular and interesting adventures. Because people love to walk on a long road with friends or families even individually. But most people personally prefer to hike in the mountain areas. A hiker carries a lot of daily outdoor activities gears, but sometimes they forget the knife to put it in their backpack. But if you really carry it with you so you will easily able to cut any rope, tough meat, and any food can. And not only that, you can easily get some food like Mushrooms when you modest to camping and try to collect some outdoor foods.

Never Biking Without A Pocket Knife

Biking is one of the most exciting hobbies from childhood to young. And a serious biker loves to explore with cycling in extreme situation. And the reason they avoid common public road because mountains of road add more fun and enjoy.

But you should keep in mind you biking in off road and no people are staying with you, so if your cycle is felled a problem in the middle road so you need someone help who stay far away from you. But if you carry a pocket knife so it can help you to solve your cycle mechanical problem. Because it’s an alternative way of multi-tools or screwdriver. And most professional bikers carry it in their pocket or cycle store box. So now maybe you know why you should carry a pocket knife when you biking.

fish fillet

Best Uses A Pocket Knife For Hunting

Probably there are no people who do not love hunting! Because it’s enjoyable and very exciting specially for hunting a Deer. But without a knife, you never enjoy your hunting, because need pocket hunting or skinning knife to clean your deer. But big size blade big problem to handle, but if you have a portable pocket knife (Folding is better) so you can easily clean from hunting.

Many hunters carry a lot of different pocket hunting knives. And they use different blade without sharpening. Because in the forest razor-sharp knife is very important. But a good reason you will find some pocket knife sharpener that you can apply in your knives. Never feel uneasy to use these some pocket knife sharpeners are very compact than knives; even you will be happy to hear some sharpener have life-saving features which can help you in extreme situation as well as a pocket knife.

Use The Pocket Knife For Fishing

Maybe a pocket knife never plays an important role for filleting a fish. But it will help you if you fishhook gets stuck anything underwater so using a knife you can clear your fishing rod and hooks. As well as you can apply a knife to cut a small size fish as a food that you can use to catch big fish. Even if you lose your fishing yarn so you can cut easily for making new once for a new start. So, of course, you should take a good pocket knife when you go out fishing with your friends or family.

What Kinds Of Knife Size And Materials Are Good For Pocket Knife?

Typically a pocket knife is very portable and lightweight that anyone can easily carry it. But some pocket knives are a very long size for heavy work, so you should avoid it or it will depend on you which size you actually prefer? But usually, 4 to 8 inches long (Overall) blade is better for any outdoors chores. Because it’s very easy to handle and you can open it using your one hand.

But if we talk about the materials of the blades so there are a lot of high-quality metal use in a pocket knife. They most are good, but it would better to say stainless steel blade has maximum sharpness and performance. And the carbon steel is very easy to sharpen and you will get fully rust and corrosion blade for a lifetime. Now you should know some premium materials which ideally built for a perfect pocket knife that you can use you professionally. These are,

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel is very popular materials for pocket knife even kitchen knives. Because it’s premium grade metal that contains iron and approximately 10–15% chromium, nickel and molybdenum and a little amount of carbon. And you will be happy most stainless steel knives made from 420 stainless and sometimes rack wall 56+ for higher performance. And nothing worried for resting if you use it for a long time.

High Carbon Steel:

 The carbon steel is another common material for pocket knives. It contains 1.0% carbon vanadium which adding a perfect sharpest edge and easy to sharpen. Especially carbon steel blade is very affordable and no need to thinking for corrosion. And a good reason no need to spend a hundred dollars in pocket knives.


A perfect handle ensures a safe grip and optimum cutting performance. But some knife handle has these issue about grip. Especially wooden handles may these problems, but it’s really good to see. But other hand water may damage the wood. But if you look rubbery or plastic handle there is no need to worry for sleeping from your hands while you use. And plastic handle ensures for best grip even which handle has a finger groove. But if you prefer a folding knife, so there are more features which are better than a fixed blade.

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Which Types Of Knife You Should Choice Fixed Or Folding?

There are two different knife definition which is very popular these are folding and fixed blade pocket knife. Different blade so different features, but you should know which is better for you! And Which perform very well for heavy-duty?

Fixed Blade:

Fixed blade knife has a very strong blade and it starts from the handle section. Also it plays a role for heavy-duty like camping, slicing a big wood and for many more. And most outdoors lovers like the full tang fixed blade because the blade extends the knife over the knife all the way of its handle. It makes the blade very stronger even if you chopping something tough.

Folding Blades:

Probably there are no hunters, backpacker, or hikers who do not love folding the pocket knife. Because already we have already mentioned it using a small brief; this is very portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. But a folding knife can’t perform very well like a fixed blade for heavy cutting. But folding knife usually for handling small work. But if you carefully find some folding pocket knife you can apply it for heavy use like a fixed blade. And hopefully folding knife no need to any sheath, because it’s folding features are enough to carry safely.


 The pocket knife is really a best friend when you stay outdoor activities. Because it does not only help you in making food or cutting a rope. Also, it can save your life from any dangerous animal or making the safest shelter in extreme situation. People think sometimes it’s not a matter of fact to carrying a pocket knife with them.

Because they think only outdoor activities material and some old multi-tools are enough for a long time for spending outdoor activities. But carrying a knife ensures the safest journey when you leave your home and families for a long duration. So leaving some other outdoor gears you should pick a good quality knife in your backpack. And some knife you can collect in your traditional knife collection store as a better remembrance!

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