How to pack antique knives for public storage?

Packing up valuable antique items when you prepare for a move can be a tough job. When you are dealing with priceless antique knives, proper care, and planning is required for the packing and moving. If you are looking for tips on how to safely pack your antique knives for a relocation, we are here to help you. There are steps you can take for a successful move of your storage antique knives and we have listed all of them in this article to help you pack them like a pro. Without further ado, let’s check the important things to keep in mind.

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When you decide to pack and move an antique knife, consider the options to obtain insurance for the move. While moving high-value antiques like knives, insuring them from a third-party insurer is worth considering.

The next part is the packing of the antique knives. You need to follow the right techniques and appropriate materials to pack your antique knives to ensure that all of them reach the new place without any damages. Three-layer protection is recommended for priceless items like antique knives to keep them safe. Before starting the packing process, make sure the below materials are available.

  •     Glassine wrap or Stretch wrap
  •     Bubble wrap (Air-filled plastic wrap)
  •     Packing tape
  •     Packing peanuts
  •     Packing box (a wooden crate is preferred)

knife packing


Once you gather all the required materials, let’s start the packing. Clean the antique knives before the packing process and take clear photographs for future reference. The three layers of packing are described below.

Protective wrapping layer: To keep your antique knives clean and safe use a protective layer in the beginning. You can use a stretch wrap or the Glassine wrap for a perfect protective layer. Microfiber cloths can also serve the purpose of a protective layer. Use packing tape in multiple angles to avoid the knives falling out of the protective layer while moving.

Cushion layer: This layer is for the shock and vibration protection of the antique knives. Use bubble wrap to give soft cushion support to your valuable antique knife. For maximum protection wrap the knives twice with the bubble wrap. Secure the cushioning with the packing tape at all angles.

Protective box: This is the outermost layer of your packing and it will receive the maximum impacts while moving. Make sure you use high-quality hard materials like wood or metal box to pack the priceless antique knives. Fill the void space in the box with packing peanuts to make sure the antique will not shift inside the box while moving. You can also use double boxing if you want an extra layer of protection for the antique.

After the packing process, you can shift the box to the moving van. Always follow the “Last on, First off” policy for your antique items to avoid any possible damages while loading and unloading. If possible, keep the box close to you at all times.

Unpacking your antique knives after the move is also an important task. Take extra care while unboxing and if you notice any damages in the outer layer, take photographs or shoot the entire unpacking in a video. If you find any damage to the antique, file a complaint to your moving partner immediately and use the photographs and videos as evidence.

If we take care of small things while planning the packing and moving of antique knives, no matter how far they move, they will arrive at the destination without a scratch.





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