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How to Prepare for Deer Hunting?

How to Prepare for Deer Hunting?


Have you ever found yourself wishing to go on a hunt but found yourself confused about how to start? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you have stopped at the right place. Almost everyone at one time or another dreams himself as a wild hunter. But, not everyone can keep the dream alive. Only a few of them can make the dream true. So, why let this summer passing away idly if you are really passionate about hunting? Let’s spend the season wildly by deer hunting.


Summer season is a lazy time for deer. At that time food is plentiful and the deer population growth rate increases. They threaten the growth of farms and forests. Besides, the highly populated deer increases the risk of many fatal diseases to human. At that moment, the deer hunters play a very important role to control the deer population. So, if you are willing to hunt a deer like a professional hunter, get ready. Here are some top tips on how to prepare for deer hunting.


How to Prepare for Deer Hunting:

Start your deer hunting operations with these essential tips –


Get the License and Other Essential Documents

Get the necessary permits to hunt in your locality from the environmental offices. Try to get it before the hunting season starts. Don’t let the red tape causing disturbs to your hunt. If you are going to travel a lot for hunting deer, apply for the license keeping plenty of times in hand. Visit the websites of respective agencies to get the license for deer hunting. They will give you all the necessary information regarding hunting. Depending on the area of hunting, they will let you know the essential information. For instance –


  • How long you can hunt deer
  • The number of deer you can tag at a particular season
  • Kinds of deer species you can tag
  • The safety regulations – hunting hours, clothing needs etc.


Select Your Weapon

After getting the license, it is important that you decide your method of hunting. You can hunt a deer by a rifle or other by other alternative weapons such as a bow, pistol and so on. In my opinion as a professional hunter, you should start deer hunting with a bow or rifle. Later, you can branch out your hunting interest with other weapons. Now, choose a deer bow or rifle which fits into your budget. You should search for a bow or rifle which can shot well and quickly and fits in your hand.


If you’re a bow hunter, you’ve to choose the others bow accessories like, bow quiver, bow release, bow stabilizer, arrow rest etc. It’ll help you to get more closer to your target.


Get familiar with your rifle well. Start practicing with it and improve your target distance for shooting. However, as a first-time deer hunter, your shot placement should at least be 100 yards.


Learn About the Details of Your Hunting Area

You should learn well about the place where you are going to hunt. Talk with the local farmers of that area. It’s because very few people will know better about what is going on your hunting area than the farmers. Since they spend most of the times of the day in the field, they usually have a very good idea about the deer in that area. Besides, by talking with the local people, you can know where the big deer usually stay. So, you can step a foot to kill big bucks.


Get A Few Trail Cameras and Set Up the Cameras

If you want to be a successful hunter, you should keep tracking of the movement of deer in your hunting place. And, it is the summer that is the best time for following deer. So, quickly get buy a few trail cameras and set them up at different places of the hunting area. Try to collect lots of photos as much as you can. Thus, by doing so, you will get a detailed idea about the movement patterns of the deer in a certain place.


Moreover, you’ll learn which kinds of deer hunting will be more utilized for you from such patterns. Doing so, you can intercept a buck at the beginning of the season. Again, if you do some home researchers, you will get an idea about the home range of deer’s. Thus, during the late autumn, when there’s a full swing in the rut, you will be close to the range.


Follow the Deer Movement Pattern

Now, get your gears ready and follow the deer trails. It will be wise to follow the paths of the does. There’s a saying goes that if you would like to get the bucks, you should follow the does. So, while scouting for deer, during the summer, pay special attention to the does or the lady deer. It’s because the does are usually more visible than bucks. Also, the pattern of their travels remains pretty much same throughout the whole year. So, if you can guess the place where the does live, you can intercept a big buck with ease.


Take the Shot

Now that you are ready with all the necessary gears and know the deer trails, take the shot. Before taking the shot, wait for a moment to come to a deer at broadside. You have to pull the trigger when the deer is standing at right angles to your rifle barrel. Focus behind the front shoulder of the deer so that you can hit the heart or the lungs of the deer. Later, take the rifle off safety without making any sound. Then, take a deep breath and just squeeze the trigger of the gun.


When you have taken the shot, find out where the deer takes off. Go to the place where you think the deer might have taken off. Look for a trail with blood signs. If you see the blood along the way is plentiful, then you are on the right track. When you find the deer you have shot, pat yourself on the back for a moment. And, welcome yourself to your first success. Now, it’s time to do the after work. Carry the deer to a butcher shop to dress it or you can dress it by yourself. 


Final Verdict

When you are in the woods for deer hunting, maintain an ethical behavior. Respect the animal whose life has come to an end for your nutritional or other interests. Be confident with the using of your weapon. The more you are confident with your arms, the more humane will be your hunting. Now that you know how to prepare for deer hunting, set out for the adventurous trip. Wishing you a good luck for your first deer hunting.


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