Protective Outdoor Survival Knives

Best outdoor survival knives that will protect you

A good outdoor knife is crucial if you want to survive in the wild. Your need could range from sawing the downed tree limbs or gutting the latest animal kill a nice outdoor knife will work best for you. From the so-called humble pocket knife to the more serious survival knives here we bring you the 10 best outdoor survival knives that will match up to all your needs of the wild.

Spring knife

They are better called as assist-opening knives that flick open on springs. They require a manual opening of a switch before the spring installed takes over to flip it up. They are useful when you need a knife in an emergency. Plus you eliminate the need for a sheath cover to store the knife. They can easily fit inside your pocket with no risk of you getting injured.

survival knife

Clip Folder knife

It is a clip mounted folding knife that allows the user to attach it to a belt or a pocket. It is a must have for hikers and adventure loving people. They could be carried with you daily and can fit any place in your bag. The convenience of the knife makes it a nice take away for your next hiking.


A dagger

It is a double-edged knife with sharpened edges and full-length central spine. You can’t hide a dagger because of the size. It could be useful in the wild only if you have proper space to carry it.



A Machete

It is a heavy knife that is generally longer than a dagger and used to cut through thick vegetation that gets past your way. Mostly used in the tropical regions that have thick vegetation and workers in these areas carry one with them every day. It is not meant for detailed, sophisticated work but mainly for slashing.


Throwing knife

This knife has a blunt end handle butt but has a solid construction for spinning it while you throw it. These throwing knives are used to kill for a catch in the wild. The weight of the knife provides stability to the throw of the user so that you hit the spot.


Swiss Army Knife

These knives have multiple implements that are folded into the handle for storage. They can be used for a variety of purpose as they have sold attachments for cutting, scraping and grinding. Knives come in exceptionally good quality with razor-sharp edges to deliver promising outcomes.

It also comes loads of other features like cork opener, a pair of attached scissors and a screw opener to meet a variety of camping needs. You can repair your stove or open a beer bottle without breaking a sweat.


Pocket Knife

This knife is nicknamed as jackknife as it has several folding blades and another set of utility implements. They can be very handy as you can just fold everything and it would comfortably fit into your pocket.


Survival knife

This has a fixed blade which is meant for surviving in the wild and collecting wood for a fire in the wild. The steel used is very strong and does not break easily. This serves as an excellent camping knife that would suit all your needs.


Sheath knife

This comes with a nylon sheath and also with a kit that has a firestarter, a flashlight, a mirror. Whoa, what else!! This can prove to be an excellent combination in case of emergencies.


Neck knives

A neck knife is built of superior steel quality, and the handle of the knife is made up of hard moulded plastic that will hold the knife upside down until it is tugged. They can be best used for cutting logs of wood into perfect shapes and sizes.


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