hunting preparation

How to Prepare for Deer Hunting?

Have you ever found yourself wishing to go on a hunt but found yourself confused about how to start? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you have stopped at the right place. Almost everyone at one time or another dreams…

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self protective

Useful Tips For Self Defense

Experienced and disciplined fighters always say that knife fighting is not about fighting. In the contrary, it is about survival and self-defense. Knowing how to use your knife properly for self-defense requires high levels of discipline, intelligence, balance, and precision….

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garden swing

Make a Garden Swing Enjoying Your Pastime

If the weather starts getting warm this time of year, you want to be outside holiday all the time and gives you relax at garden swing in the sunshine and enjoy your friends. Imagine, you have a beautiful garden and…

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germin gps

How to use a Garmin GPS for the First Time

Global positing system or GPS is a satellite-based program. It is like a map, but with a memory, a brain and a sense of fun. Having a GPS in the car is smart and conducive for anyone to find the…

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Basic Fishing Instruments and Tips

 Fishing is still considered as one of the most adventures and enjoyable outdoor activity. There is nothing better than the on shore wind that you feel on your face everyone enjoys fishing with friends and family. Hence, among other recreational…

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how to sharpen a knife

How To Sharpen A Knife Using Sharpen Tools

If you want to sharpening a knife by using a sharpen tools which is an electric knife sharpener, it is best to follow the instructions that come with the sharpener. If you don’t have the instructions, call the manufacturer to…

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reflex sight

A history of Reflex Sight Survival Tools

Feyachi is one of the top seller reflex sight when it comes to outdoor sporting products, namely, accessories for guns. They have been operating for some years now, and they have managed to provide high quality and reliable service. We…

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hunting gear tips

Gear Tips On Survival or Hiking Trail

The 2,190 miles hiking trail journey in Appalachian is one in a million many brave souls dare year in year out. It is a breathtaking walk experience that stretches through 14 states – from Georgia to Maine. The hike goes…

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best deer hunting knife

Best Deer Hunting Knife

Ever realized the importance of a deer hunting knife when exploring the outdoors? These knives may be occasionally called “Best deer hunting knife”. But for the most part, you need knives when scissors are not an option for cutting rope…

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knife difference

Sushi Knives: Why Are Sushi Knives Different From Regular Knives?

Sushi knives may seem like a niche product that is only marketed towards aspiring culinary artists that lack the common sense to realize that the only thing that makes a blade a ‘sushi’ variant is in the title. While there…

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